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    Here you can see the time of year and daytime, that organs are their maximums according to TCM. You may use this information to track down which organ is specifically weak.

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    I will add that the chi that you can acquire in your practice is distributed to the organs according to these clock cycles.

    This means following things:

    1. You will have to wait 24 hours to get for example more energy to the specific organ. If you have used your stomach’s energy by 6 pm, and eat after that this food will stay in your stomach for the whole night causing insomnia and tiredness.

    2. sleeping has little to do with your true energy reservoirs. The body will work and recharge even if you do not sleep much ( like animals ). If you do not believe me, think it about this way: isn’t it true, that people who are weak and exhausted want to sleep much and are always tired no matter how much they sleep. But healthy people with good energy, can sleep little and they are never tired because their body works smoothly all the time.

    3. If you do not notice any signs that your energy is increasing, you may not benefit from your practice. There may be some approach which is not taken care of, like physical stagnations in the abdominal organs or bad posture etc.



    I do not believe in sleeping. We should learn to retire and revitalize our bodies without sleeping, so the energy is saved. We need to learn the true relaxing of the muscles and body, empty the mind and practice the natural breathing ( which comes automatically while doing the true relaxation ).

    “The eyes represent the orifices of the liver. When a person closes his/her eyes and falls asleep, the blood returns to the liver. From there it is transmitted to the eyes, and the ability to see results from this. When a person sleeps, now, the nameless fire within grows dim in order to revitalize. Although it may be impossible to refrain from sleeping altogether, it is advisable not to just let this energy dissipate for the mere sake of falling into a slumber.”

    “This is what you should do: do not get angry, do not lay down during the day, and always retire your body but not your shen. The essence of sleep, after all, is the soul of the body. If you can manage to sleep little, then the master mind will be bright and alert. Not only will your shen qi be flowing freely and purely, but you will also not be disturbed by dreams. Every time you are overcome by a craving for sleep, blood rushes to the heart and the original shen is forced to leave its abode. The clouds then cast a gloomy shadow over the heavenly realm of spirit, and the shen itself will grow dim and unconscious just like its domicile.



    So you don’t sleep?



    Very little.

    My health or erection has little to do with how many hours I sleep, and sleeping over 5 hours a day has never cured or helped me in any way .

    Maybe if I would do muscle training or do hard exercise, should I sleep more.

    I used to suffer from insomnia, but that was another issue. Then I was not able to sleep even when I wanted to.



    I have seen personally few cases of chronic fatigue and weakness. I can only describe their condition on few words:

    slow metabolism and vicious circle

    It is because they do not benefit from their lifestyle and their bodies does not recharge, so it forces them to sleep 10 hours a day. But still if they sleep 10 hours a day, they are chronically tired, fatigued and do not get better.

    That’s why we need to address the actual cause of tiredness, eat well, do massages and resting sessions etc. so the healing gets started so to speak. Also we need to stop tossing our energies too much to our life activities ( like ejaculation, porn, drugs ).

    Of course there are many opinions on the matter. Eastern advocates resting over sleeping, western sleeping over resting.



    For various reasons my health was screwed up last weekend, probably due to eating very unhealthy foods, drinking alcohol and partying on friday and too much sweet foods in thursday, friday and saturday. I again witnessed what I´ve seen before. On weekend when my energy and health was bad, I was very tired on morning, lacked vital energy and sleeping did not do much to help me.

    When I started on sunday eating again healthy, do my daily relaxation, meditation, practice and massage sessions, my energy was quickly restored by tuesday. I slept less, but still my energy was better. Ejaculation frequency is back in once every fourth day currently.

    More effort is to put on making sure body does work smoothly and doing the true relaxation and ‘letting go’ practice.



    Now it is time again for the liver to cleanse itself.

    Except liver symptoms in this period. Avoid dairy and red meat, and do not become angry. Do meditation to calm emotions and get up early.

    Can’t believe almost year has passed since I started this topic.

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