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    Just wanted to start a discussion about what everyone’s views are on the cause and roots of this illness.

    I’ve been suffering from SE/POIS since I was 11/12, barely made it into school someday’s and became very weak and feeble. It was quite clear, right from the beginning, masturbation and ejaculating made me extremely symptomatic and ill with all SE symptoms. After being shot down by GP and labelled as normal, I started my own quest into why this was happening to me and not anyone else anywhere, after endless Google searches with tags such as – ‘masturbation fatigue’, ‘masturbation eye floaters’, ‘Overmasturbation’, ‘masturbation extreme weakness’ I eventually found ‘Dr.’ Lin’s websites – Actionlove & Herballove they spoke of some extreme jargon filled junk about what excessive masturbation does and how ejaculation drains the body of vital fluids and destroys certain areas of the body, which then leads to some of his products treating it and normal sexual functioning returns. About 7/8 years ago I stole my Dad’s card and placed an order for some of his products, ‘Via max’ ‘love longer’, I was a believer that I Overmasturbated and as a result I got this illness, I tried his products, they did jack shit.

    There hasn’t been a single day, in the past 12 years living with this that I haven’t not thought about this, Dr. Lin’s websites made a massive impact on me and for many, many years, I kept on blaming myself about Overmasturbating and was totally guilt ridden, but as I’ve aged, I’ve changed my stance on this.

    With the internet community growing you people post all sorts of shit about themselves and their sex life, lots of people masturbate and have sex daily, without any of these nasty debilitating, lingering symptoms and feel pleasant, so what makes us different??? What’s the thing that separates us from other normal people? This has been a question that I’ve asked myself for the past 10 years, at least and never found any satisfactory answer. If you become sick with SE symptoms straight after ejaculating, then there must be some common link between all of us, there are tons of blood test reports, with the norm showing slightly off hormones, usually which a conventional doctor would not normally treat, why is it that the majority of the people on this board believe this illness has anything to do with hormones and neurotransmitters? Most of us are quite young and we should be in our prime and not needing hormone treatment, but what caused the hormones and neurotransmitters to be low?

    I’m just about feeling well enough conclude my thoughts, I believe SE/POIS is [i]just[/l] a semen allergy, which sets off the immune system and results in this cascade of symptoms. After a period of total sexual abstinence, the semen is just primarily stored in the prostate and the symptoms become almost 0 as time passes by with abstinence, but with an NE and arousal, slight symptoms come about, would that mean somewhere in our seminal plumbing, semen is infusing with blood and tissues, our body recognises this as a foreign substance and sets off the immune system, very violently – see [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] there isn’t much on the symptom list but it follows our symptoms, closely and the recent Dr. Waldinger POIS papers also suggested that it’s a T cell mediated illness which results in the above.

    So if this is the case, how do we treat this? Hormones? tons of supplements? Conventional medicine? I’ve tried the lot and not gotten very far, it sucks ass, I put my faith down into taking (balancing hormones) testosterone/steroids, HCG thinking I’ll fully cured of this, I never will with just those medicines, doing it without the supervision of a doctor I’ve fucked up my prostate, it leaks semen all the time, I struggle to sleep and created a dependency on these medicines, fuk knows what will happen to me after I stop these or can’t get any more. On the other side of the coin I’ve made some progress, I’m able to recover faster and to a better state given the same period of abstinence, compared without. So that’s a stark warning to those who want to ‘go it alone’ I HAD to do this, I honestly believe without getting this much needed relief, because of the severity of my symptoms I would have committed suicide, I had already written out a lengthy letter and was determined to do it, when things took a turn, I really have hope this can be fully cured and we can have a normal sex life without any of this BS without the need of taking lots and lots of drugs and supplements.

    I’m in talks with a university Dr through a contact that might be able to confirm the above for me with some tests and then look into treatment, by injecting semen at diluted quantities, if this doesn’t pan out I’ll keep on writing and pleading and eventually convince a doctor to work with me. I just hope I don’t lose this motivation and determination, after 3/4 weeks of abstinence my thoughts and patterns change I stop caring about sex and I lose motivation to gun down the illness, and just resume life as normal and then one day ejaculate and the saga continues, I’m plugging a hole in that loop, I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years and I’m just too fed up with it, we’ve reached a era in time, where through the intervention of medicine lots can be done, so I pray I get somewhere in the next three months of my abstinence.

    These are just some of my thoughts, I hope I don’t offend anyone and I’m not trying to convince anyone of my theory, my hope is through discussion and the thoughts and power of all the sufferers, we can get the medicine community to help us, like they do with lots of other illnesses, which are equally, if not more complex and debilitating.

    I’d be interested in your views a lot.

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    “after 3/4 weeks of abstinence my thoughts and patterns change I stop caring about sex and I lose motivation to gun down the illness, and just resume life as normal and then one day ejaculate and the saga continues,”

    That fuckin spoke to me.

    Anyways great post. Heres what I think.

    I wanna put my opinion, but I feel that I would just be repeating whats been said over and over again on this forum.

    Masturbation, drugs, etc. etc. lowers the threshold to SE symptoms.

    I do, however, believe that excessive exercising, such as body building, is one of the factors. Is it just a coincidence that almost all of us here are fuckin weight lifters?



    yo green. Nice post. always nice to see some determination at beating this.

    Ill add my two cents.

    I dont think everyone on this forum has the same thing. I think the closest we can come to clasifiying this forum is that its a place full of people with various sexual problems. most of us got here through overmasterbating, some through drug use, some through ssrris, and some for no reason at all, and soem for a combiation of all of the above.

    So that being said I think its kinda pointless to try and place a common title on SE. The truth is i agree with you SE dosnt really exist. Its just some biochemical imbalance that we all have, the thing is we all most likely have different stuff going on. But the thing is, its your PERSONAL job to figure out whats wrong with YOU and not all of us.

    i dont share many of the symptoms you talk about . As a matter of fact sometimes I feel better after I have sex or masterbate, ejaculating itself does absolutly nothing to me, I occasionally feel guilty if I watched porn since I am doign my best to beat the addiction but as for physical and mental symptoms they are there regardless of my ejacualtion frequency.

    think about what most of us have in common

    1) History of porn and masterbation addiciton

    2) various combinations of low hormones

    3) Extremely low neurotransmitters

    4) History of drug use.

    At least thats my personal case. Ok so im dealing with #1 as much as I can. I go weeks with porn and occasionaly relapse but I still fight it as much as i can. I hate porn because I hate being not in control and sadly it is an addiciton. Not to mention if you watch it enough it really does F*ck with your sexual resonse to real women. Not watchin porn and keepign masterbation reasonable is part of the solution , for me at least.

    Im doing everythign in my power to take care of the low hormones. which I know cause so many of my symtpoms. hopefully ill be able to eliminate that from the scenario this summer.

    Once I fix my hormones im gona work on my neurotransmitters. Iv already experienced the benefits of this so i know its part of the solution for me. But I dont want to work on it till I have optimzed my hormones. one piece at a time.

    I havnt done drugs or really drank for the last thats no longer contributugn to my issues.

    Bascially what im tryin to get at is its everyones job to identify their OWN problem areas. Everyone is gona be different so trying to classify us all as SE is not gona work in my opinion. its better to just be like we all have biochemical imbalances that we have to deal with along with givin up a porn addiciton. thats it.

    The only hormoens your is testosterone righT? great job you have eliminted one of the issues plaguing you. But you still have so much to look into. Your missing adrenals, thryoid, neurotransmitters. All your symtpoms can be linked to those missing pieces. I hightly doubt its a semem allergy though thats possible.

    Anyway I think you see my point.



    Vincent posted a thread which talked about POIS. he even stated that there was gonna be a show on TLC about it. i think he said it was gonna start on may 22nd. I gotta try to get in contact with him again to see the time. My symptoms are SE. other times when i had wet dreams i didn’t feel tired after i ejaculated.

    POIS and SE are related but different.

    POIS suffers say that when they ejaculate. it kinda knocks them out for a good 7 days. but for SE suffers we can experience fatigue and physical pains for ever if not treated the right way.

    I am definitely gonna watch the POIS episode on TLC. if they can find a good treatment for POIS then they can help the SE community out so much.



    I can’t speak for others but for me I know for sure that semen allergy does not play any role whatsoever. My problem was I got addicted to online porn and ejaculated multiple times a day. In the first couple of years I was ejaculating like 7 to 8 times per day. This massive loss of semen and exhaustion of the organ eventually ended up in erectile problems. My endocrine system got drained of the nutrients and now I have very low androgens (Testosterone). I believe that my case is a classic case of Sexual Exhaustion. Due to excessive loss of semen my sexual system got exhausted and is unable to give me erections. This is pretty much the only problem I have (thank God). I do not have eye floaters, ear ringing, nightfalls, brain fog etc.

    The solution for me is to obviously stop doing the things that got me to this point, which is porn + masturbation. That is why I feel abstinence is really the foundation for the healing process. Next I have to eat rich foods and take supplements to restore the nutrients that got drained. The final step would be to increase my Testosterone and lower my Estradiol (based on my blood test results).

    This is all easier said than done. Just laying off the porn in itself is extremely hard. That is why it is called as an addiction rather than a bad habit. porn fucks with you in so many ways that you cannot imagine. After getting rid of the addiction we have to focus on establishing good habits such as healthy diet, regular exercise, good sleep etc. All this requires tons of discipline. But I do think that the fight is worth it. I for one am not going to stop this fight!



    I would agree that I frequent porn and used to masterbate but thats the tihng I never used to frequent ejaculate I used to do the stop method. its funny that all my problems happened when I was in a point in my life were I was reducing porn, doing more social things, tryign to get ready to moveout, going on dates,. I remember my penis and testicles used to always be warm to the touch in flaccid form. now the difference a year makes my testicles always seem to be cold whether standing for along time or sitting for a long time, and the shrinkage is uncomfortable.

    a weird thing I also noticed is when I try to work up a erection and get a semi hard, erect penis it feels normal like my flaccid size should be.

    even in my SE state around 6-7 months ago just watching porn I used to get a erection from visual stimuli, and I still had some sensation. my penis now the texture is completely different and its damn near impossible to get erect.

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