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    Wouldnt be interesting to know those parameters from the forum members?

    I am 1´78 according to the machine (with this hair), but in reality im 1,76.

    I weight 60,6 kg. I am borderline in being pathologically skinny.

    How are yours?

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    Let me start off by saying that Canadians are weird on how they measure their height and weight. We still use the imperial system, however, we use the metric for everything else or almost everything else.

    My measurements:

    Height – between 5 foot 8 and 5 foot 9

    Weight – 154 pounds

    Imperial to Metric conversion

    154 lb = 69.8532 kg

    5.75 ‘ = 1.7526 m

    I’m slightly shorter, but weigh a lot more than you. I converted my height based on 5 foot 9.

    Sargonnas, you’re about 134 pounds. That is 20 pounds less than me. You’re taller and skinnier. I am considered normal weight for my height. At least here in Canada.



    Yeah im very skinny and everyone says im skinnier every time they see me. I am pretty damn sick, in tests and in reality.This is gonna change soon, however.

    Do you think masturbation could have affected your development? I used to be one of the tallest in most of the teen and child years but around age 18 stopped growing (probably it stopped even before) And I know what people say about 18 being a plateu for height and its not true at all, a man with 22 years looks taller, more muscular and virile than himself at 18 and thats the truth. Most of the guys of that years that were definetely uglier than me now are bigger and look better than me, they look like a man of 21 years old looks like. I am so sure that if overmasturbation and all the other problems I had didnt have assaulted me I would be right now at least 180 cm, as my face its a too big in proportion to my body and all my brothers and father are taller than me.



    171 cm

    78 kg, almost no fat cuz I burn it off at work.

    You’re really skinny sargonas , force yourself to eat big meals cuz its even harder to recover when you’re unhealthily skinny. Just bigger portions of the same meals.



    174 cm 63 kg.Was 176 cm few years ago,I’m shriking…



    Thanks for the tip frenchi… yeah something its going pretty bad with my weight, and im slowly losing it… Will try what you say although I dont have much appetite.

    You could try the same steve, you seem to be in the same road than me.



    Sargonnas, I do think over masturbation has stunted my growth. The doctor said to me years ago when I was in my last year of elementary school that I could be over 6 feet tall. That is about the same time I started my chronic addiction to masturbation. I also think over masturbation some how took the nutrients from my body to feed my addiction, therefore stunting my growth and causing acne (severe acne). I have moderate acne now, not like what it was while I would chronically masturbate.

    I’ve been thinking about joining a gym and also taking walks around the park. Right now I am not that active, but I plan on going to the gym after work and on weekends. This way I can build some muscle and stay fit.

    btw, Frenchi is right. You need to eat more or at least try to feed your body the nutrients it needs to function. Nutrition is very important. This is something I didn’t realize until several months ago. I always knew it in the back of my mind, but never really cared. Now I am eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.



    for those with no appetite start looking into more caloric dense food and liquid calories

    couple bananas and 2 glasses of oj with couple tbsp of olive oil easy cals

    trail mix (nuts, dried fruit) snack on this during the day

    fatty fish

    fatty meat

    pasta’s with sauces




    I do lost alot of my body mass + the fat remained the same

    Iam around 173 and weights around 74Kg

    I think iam skinny in terms of mass, the muscle shrinkage could be rooted from the low amino absorption/adrenal fatigue/low ATP, where the body catabolize its muscles to feed the brain and nerves.



    Pimp you are giving me appetite just by reading that lol

    , its surprising your insight, now you have uncovered that your conscious of our problems with ATP energy. I cant stress enough how much I think we should research more actively and work together to get answers.

    Yes, . So far, we all seem to have stunt growth looking at the media height. But obviously this stunt growth can be also because of all the low hormones, nutrients etc this is not only masturbation related, but also metal and pathogens. Most of the physical symptoms started around 18.



    , you’re right. If you really want to gain weight however there are lots of unhealthier foods out there that can really pack on the pounds with little to no nutritional value.

    , I think muscle shrinkage is due to over masturbation. I have seen articles that say that people who masturbate don’t look as muscular as those who abstain. It might also have to do something with your testosterone levels. Remember testosterone is the male hormone and helps males build muscle.

    Sargonnas, I think every time someone masturbates they lose some nutrients as well. Those nutrients you need especially when you’re still developing. Masturbation also affects your hormones. I think it is all connected some how.



    I weighted 60,6 kg. Today weighted me and I now weight 56,9 kg. I have lost almost 4 kilos in a month and a half…



    Sounds like you need to add more fat to your diet. Ghee, lots of Coconut oli, lots of Olive oil, Avocado oil, Fermented fish oil etc Maybe more supplemental Protein too.



    I have increased my carb intake indeed. Lots of people state its the low carb what really made them underweight. Now I take quinoa o millet two times per day. My fat its covered by lamb, butter, turkey and olive oil. Protein the same, basically, I eat well in my opinion, my plates are huge. Its an assimilation/digestion thing.



    That’s unhealthy. You were already skinny to begin with, now you lost another 4 kilos. I had to convert from kilos to pounds.

    56.9kg = 125lb 7.08843780oz

    Dude, you need to start putting on some weight or you’re going to waste away. You might want to add more carbs to your diet.



    I think I am dying, but not because of my diet, which now its nearly perfect from a nutritional standpoint (carbs of the best type, proteins of the best type, fats of the best type). See, I go to sleep at 12 am and dont get to sleep til 2 or 4 AM , which its an horrible struggle with insomnia, then, I will wake up at 7 or 10 AM, very tired and dizzy, but will not be able to fall sleep again usually. My face most of days its like Death on Earth. I sleep and digest like shit, my body for some reason fails at the basic functions, let alone reproduction, which has been logically shut down, this is pure survival.

    Im starting to get paranoid and consider if my horrible sleep its what its killing me, but then, the hours I spend at night with my gut gurgling, bloated and gassy and the fact that in the morning I always have a dull ache in my stomach, like it spent all the night the same, gives the reason why im losing weight. People call those symptoms IBS. I call them underactive digestive system, maldigestion and resulting malabsorption. Also, there is ALWAYS some undigested food in my stools. If I eat fruit or nuts, most of the stool is undigested food, huge bits indeed, its crazy.

    I can only pray that the things im gonna add to my protocol can change this situation. If I go under the 55 kg or so I will eat lots of potatoes and legumes everyday like a last measure, but hopefully wont be necessary.



    Which supps are you using to help you sleep? Something that helps me is called Seriphos it’s like phosphatadyl serine but more effective for people with adrenal fatigue. I just take 1 tablet around 20 minutes before bed. Sometimes i throw in 1mg of time released melatonin too, but don’t really need them to much anymore.

    With regards to your weight loss, do you eat bread? One of the best ways to avoid losing weight while on an anti candida diet is through baking your own pre-biotic bread. This is the one i make.


    The only difference i make from the recipe is i just use Buckwheat, Coconut and Teff flours (1 cup each) and omit Almond flour, and i add some water to the mix to make the batter more liquid and use 12 eggs instead of 11.

    Get hold of the ingredients and get La madre on the case, or have a go yourself, im a totally novice cook, but i managed it, although the first time i tried the bread did’nt rise much, but still ate it all.

    I buy baking soda and all the flours from iherb. Bobbys red mill brand



    How curious, I thought Seriphos was more for the liver health.

    I am still waiting for the Wilson supps. The longest time supplements took to arrive here were 19 days, so a week can pass since today without supps for me.

    Anyway I have walked a long road in the sleep supplements, to no avail. GABA at high doses only increased my verbal abilities and gave me itchiness of the skin. Tryptophan sometimes worked, not frequently. Melatonin didnt made a significant effect ( various brands) except for making my dreams vivid and some times frightening. The worst experience was with the so advised in the alternative health field 5-HTP which triggered horrible bouts of depersonalization and frightened night wake-ups. Passion flower basically sucked except for daytime in which some days gave me calm and good mood. An herbal mix of pasiflora, chamomile and the other usual herbal extracts for sleep didnt work either. Mag citrate was calming and good for constipation, didnt help with insomnia though. Only when I was taking GABA 2 grams, tryptophan 900 mgs and slow release melatonin 5 mgs it seemed to help. Thats too expensive for me…

    Thats pretty cool, the probiotic bread. I will do it whenever I can. Maybe with sourdough in yemoos or nourishing traditions..



    ur underweight man, serious!

    you are all about managing yourself and taking the best stuff out there, but do you even know your caloric intake?

    i’m sorry but even with that bad of a digestion you are still eating too little

    don’t be going the plates are big, you are eating too little, PERIOD!

    sorry i am harsh and you’re gonna whine about it, i know

    but someone needs to kick your ass and here i am doing it

    how in the hell are you gonna have any energy for anything in life if you don’t have the basic caloric requirements.. it’s beyond me



    nope no whining, who knows whats really going on with me at this point everything its possible, I have learned to be humble

    ok guys time to do what everybody its telling me

    some potatoes and eating like a pig, mixing carbs with meat, F*ck cares

    lets see if it works out

    but I AM getting the best stuff out there, or at least trying, my test results shows im one of the worse and most degenerative cases in the boards so its not like look that idiot, its more like that intelligent but super screwed person trying the impossible when his system its maybe damaged beyond repair and YES my mind its completely CLOUDED, toxic and defficient, so I can accept now openly that a lot of my decisions were and are insane, but if I dont research my thyroid antibodies etc who will do? will you do it for me, ? will my fathers do it for me like those of autistic children? Nope, not likely.

    my underweight cannot be blame solely in this diet, for example I have drank for one month one liter of raw milk and ate tons of eggs and I was losing weight the same

    this shit its serious I fear






    aside from digestion the formula is calories in vs calories out at the end of the day

    don’t go bonkers man! just do what you are doing and add some 100 cals every few days and slowly increase

    if i take a high amount of sugar i still feel the candida flare and i feel tired, so make sure you increment slowly and see how it works out for you

    perhaps potatoes are not good but rice is? (for you) you have to try and see

    slowly increase to 2500 calories over the next couple months and try to stick with that

    crashing in like this ain’t gonna work for the longterm

    liquid calories can be good, but the preference is alway REAL FOOD remember that

    and sargonas no i will not research your anti bodies.. you gotta get real, you gotta get serious about your diet! you gotta have your diet in check FIRST.. what good are any meds if you are not eating enough calories to sustain the energy requirements for your body

    it’s not a tough concept to grasp, but it sure as hell is difficult to maintain

    so yeah, if your diet is good, and exercise, sleep.. then you go research you anti bodies, but no it’s not gonna be me!

    your problem is you’re not eating enough and you are not counting / keeping weekly track of what works for you

    write down daily how much calories you eat, and if you do decide to go pig out please take a laxative as your body will not be able to handle that amount initially.. so please go slow and measure and increase every time

    here’s a good one


    100 g potatoes, 1 tablespoon mayonaise, 100 grams of steak/hamburger/tartare.. a scoop of egg protein in rice milk, glass of OJ with 1 TBSP olive oil

    – increase to 2 glasses if you can handle the sugar, and increase to 2-3 TBSP what works for you in the coming months.. increase carbs to as much as you find beneficial without the side effects

    snack – optional if hungry

    low glycemic fruit, like apple or two, small hand of nuts


    100-250 grams potatoes, or same amount of brown rice with any oil.. 100-250 grams of steak/fish, banana, hand of nuts, same with olive oil orange juice

    start with 100 grams of potatoes and increase till you know it’s enough.. same with meat/fish and oj/oo

    snack – optional if hungry

    same af first snack, watery low glycemic fruit for that right thurr digestion


    same type of meal, but lower the carbs to 4 tbsp rice with a decent amount of protein and some fat in the rice

    late night

    protein source/or shake, couple handful of nuts

    take digestive enzymes if you want to, make sure you shit twice, in the evening add some triphala or magnesium or whatever works to keep the pipes clean

    there you have it.. start slow and increase

    PS add superfood plus twice daily



    Im getting incredibly hungry with all this hahah

    Good advices! I will follow this diet approach for a month or two and see how it goes along with all the other things. Getting weight have become my first priority.

    What I meant was… ok I am moderately crazy and very impulsive, but its a fact I have some kind of screwed up degenerative disease or syndrome or toxicity and at the end I am the only one I can rely on to look for a cure. So its normal sometimes I do some crazy thing, like staying in a zero carb diet for months. That was insane. I just need more control, like supervision. Thats why I like to stay tuned in forums because actually a few of the persons around are reassonable (the rest of them can be neat or not, but they are all trying some desperate approach and are dellusional to some point)

    Btw what its YOUR height and weight, ? Im sick of talking of my problems , I started this thread to see how were others doing in those aspects.



    Have you asked Dr. Wilson how your supposed to get your daily intake of calories on the diet he’s given you? Maybe he’s got a few idea’s that could help.



    I am doing that exactly now. Lets see what does Roger and Wilson have to say.

    But obviously their diet its too harsh for my body right now, I need to get some weight. With the supps, kefir and more carbs I should survive until 2013 lol If you calculate the caloric content of Wilson diet, its around 1000 per day. I am not too sure about this caloric thing either, but I want to add more carbs thats for sure, low carb was what got me into this hole. Maybe potatoes arent the healthiest carb, but I am gonna eat brown rice or quinoa two times per day with plenty of meats and cooked veggies and aim to at least 2000 calories. I want to stick to Wilson´s diet as much as I can while I get some pounds. Of course, nuts and fruits are insane advice, I dont digest them at all PROVING THAT ITS TRUE THAT THEY ARE HARDER TO DIGEST AS WILSON SAYS.

    I wanted to taste potatoes though. I think it has been a year or so since I took some boiled in my home.



    ey man

    good you wanna try it at least

    i recently quit smoking.. when i smoked i wasn’t hungry like ever, my default mode of behaviour is never being hungry

    i eat because it’s time to eat and i think a few bites will feed me throughout the day and power my body

    now i am still not hungry but i force three large meals at least every day

    i am weighing 75 kilo’s coming back from 66 kilo’s when i smoked.. i was at an all time low and had to quit

    couple months and maybe some fat on my body too but not that much, i used to weigh above 70 but never was motivated to keep that level

    i aim to go to 80 within the next couple months

    fingers crossed i can keep up this diet, aka normal eating

    thanks for your support



    if you eat banana’s make sure you eat the ripest ones

    blend your nuts and make a yogurt out of it (easy cals and good to digest)



    Wow thats a healthy weight… wish I had that. I think I have been underweight since 16 or so if I think about it, the only weight I can remember was 64 kgs at my teen years. People always said I was skinny, now I know I was simply breeding some intestinal problem, as I used to eat a lot.

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