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    What foods/supps to eat to increase sperm count? I hate having much smaller testicles.



    red meat, coconut oil, eggs are good for testosterone

    Zinc is good for testosterone production as well.




    Steak I guess isnt bad? Well I ate 4 boiled eggs this morning and i do take zinc supplement which is a bit intense it’s 50 mg of elemental zing, I just bite to take half of it.



    i only recommend animal foods (steak,eggs) if its coming from organic grass fed sources.. eating non organic foods could do more harm then good




    Thank you. I have to see my doctor back next week. Anyway, doesnt eggs contain choline? And over ejculaiton has effects on acetycholine no?



    egg yolks are like a multi vitamine.. there great.. but they have to be raw.



    Well fed chickens…can produce eggs rich in selenium ,DHA, calcium



    I keep my own chickens and let them mostly find their own food. “You are what you eat” is a very correct term. Chickens that eat insects, plants, seeds and grains will produce eggs rich in DHA and nutrients. Good eggs have a golden yolk and bad eggs have a very pale, almost colourless yolk. My chickens do not eat man made feeds so you could say they are purely organic. If you want to buy eggs, choose a good butcher or farmer that lets them free roam.

    Since I have been consuming high quality omega 3 and taking supplement zinc and magnesium I have noticed my testicles become larger.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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