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    I haven’t checked the link you posted yet, but being harmless does not always mean functional. I’m not concerned about whether his liver condition is harmful to him or not (the liver has the ability to heal itself unless its cirrhosis), I’m more concerned about whether his liver has the ability to produce sufficient essential substances or not.

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    my liver enzymes are actually elevated which is why I need to sort out my liver first. The rest will then come



    on a website they said liver enzyme should not be elevated with fatty liver. are your enzymes over the limit? if they are then this means your acetycholine/paraysmatic nervous system is too weak. do not take borage oil,5htp,multivitamin which can worsten the condition of the liver. take a low dose of whichever choline you have and some detox remedies.



    actually fatty liver does elevate liver enzymes. I think the main problem of the issue seems to be my liver and my weak parasympathetic nervour system.



    i don’t think detox remedies will solve the problem. I’ve never tried any and my doctor said the’re a waste of time. I definitely have to reduce my weight which is what i’m doing at the moment



    what i mean by detox remedy is to clean your liver by healthy diet,organic fruit,lots of water etc. and lose weight aswell. i do not know any remedies such as herbs which have proven effective. the research on milk thistle is a bit low. it has worked on some and not on others.



    what about fish oil can that be taken?



    because your liver has weakned because of masturbation and plus a fatty liver then thats why your enzymes elevated. i remeber a person when i was at school and he had fatty liver but he was perfectly healthy with no problems.



    i will research for you if fish oil can be takened with a weak liver.



    ok thanks, can a weak liver affect erection and/or parasymapthetic nervous system






    i did some research about fish oil.

    it seems flaxseed oil is not the best type of oil when it comes to omega 3. cod liver oil and fish oil seem to rpovide a better alternative. However cod liver oil also contains more vitamin D. So I think maybe I should start off with an omega 3 suopplement then switch to an omega3-6-9 pill after my liver has healed

    what do u think?



    i think you should ask your doctor if you should take fish oil with your liver condition.



    i just came back from his appointemnt today and he said flaxseed oil is a good source whether it be liquid or capsules so i’ll stick to that

Viewing 15 posts - 51 through 65 (of 65 total)

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