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    I took a narcotic painkiller for the first time a few days ago.

    I don’t know what the name of it was, my buddy stole it from a hospital.

    About an hour after taking it my body became really warm, time slowed down. For the next hour I just felt a body high, all my muscles were relaxed and warm, speech a bit slurred, my voice became deeper (what it normally should be). Then I smoked some weed.. went to take a piss.. and hard flaccid was like 95% gone.

    Next morning it was still better than usual.. I took a tylenol in the afternoon and it helped more. My erection was nearly 100%.. I ended up busting one… and didnt feel as tired/worn out as I usually do after ejaculating.

    So the painkiller clearly helped tons. Especially in combination with tylenol or weed. I’m trying to figure out if its because it reduced inflammation or because it directly relaxed pelvic muscles. I did a little reading, says that narcotic painkillers don’t reduce inflammation as opposed to non-narcotic like tylenol. Says all they do is numb pain receptors in the body.

    any of you know if pain killers reduce inflammation?

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    Ill be honest I dont know if it was an inflamation as much as it was a depresed central nervous system thing. Just do some basic searches and you will see that both narcotic and non narcotic painkillers are central nervous system depresants.

    Makes sense to . Your sympathetic nervous system is what keeps your dick flacid and contracted. You did E blew out your serotonin and your sympathetic nervous system wont overboard. now you got crazy hard falcid and inflamation.

    So you take a CNS depresant and bam shit goes away. Maybe in your case hard flacid is mostly caused by excesive Sympathetic activity?

    You sould try an experiment. Order some alpha blockers from online and take them for a few days. If they relieve hard flacid then you know that its from excesive sympathetic activity.

    Just some fuel for thought.



    I think you’re absolutely right.

    the E did blow out my serotonin and sympathetic nervous system. and now I got sympathetic dominance. and that in combination with inflammation is whats giving me hard flaccid.

    and that explains everything basically. It explains why working out instantly makes hard flaccid worse (even if I do exercises that dont involve pelvic floor like shoulder press for example). Hot showers make it better.. probably you’re in a relaxed state while you’re in the shower. Just like yoga and meditation help somewhat because they lower heart rate and relax you – stimulate the parasympathetic system which is what I want.

    Next, painkillers (or any downer I guess), tylenol, curcumin and weed all offer pretty instant relief. They all reduce inflammation to a degree and all suppress central nervous system to a degree.

    When the painkiller alleviated hard flaccid i can’t say that I felt much of a change in pelvic floor tension. One minute its hard flaccid.. 20 mins later I go take a piss and its gone. Didn’t consciously notice anything change.. so again reconfirms that a hormonal change took place rather than pelvic floor. But again this is just my case, perhaps some others actually do have hard flaccid because of pelvic floor disorder.

    Ya dude, I’m 99% sure that alpha blockers will relieve hard flaccid. They’ve worked for everyone who’s tried them. But people claim you build a tolerance quickly so I don’t even wanna waste my money experimenting.

    At this point I’m pretty sure that for me hard flaccid is due to hormonal imbalance/sympathetic dominance and inflammation. What’s causing the constant state of sympathetic activity? Low cortisol, low thyroid, backed up liver, low DHEA, low serotonin and so on… each one of those things contributes to the mess.. thats why when chris fixed his imbalances hard flaccid disappeared instantly. and the inflammation is coming from low thyroid, liver, E2.. and contributes also.

    Ya my pelvic muscles are kinda tight but its because of the sympathetic dominance and inflammation.

    I think its no coincidence that I found two other people on forums that got hard flaccid the day after doing E also. Too much of a coincidence that we develop pelvic floor disorder after doing E. More likely we blew out our sympathetic system and serotonin like you said and that’s it.

    Btw I got the BIO-curcumin which claimed to be 3 times stronger than regular curcumin. I tried it a few times now. It alleviates hard flaccid by like 25% like the old one. So its not much stronger if at all. But it does give me mental clarity just like tylenol does and its totally safe so I take it after I jerk off and practically no brain fog next day .

    I’m gonna get a bunch of painkillers soon and take them in combination with tylenol and see if it gets rid of hard flaccid completely and how much it helps PE. That day when I was on the painkiller PE was much much improved, and next day also. So tylenol should only help more. And if it does then I’m gonna start having sex on perk + tylenol . At least for the time being till I fix hormones then hopefully it wont be needed.



    ya im sure its all those things contributing to it as well. they all play some part in causing the system wide dysfunction. You will just have to adress each one individually and cross them off the list one by one. hopefully at the end you get full relief. If not then thats when you look into the alternative body exercises /retraining stuff.



    Ya exactly

    Ok I found out that the pill was Vicodin. I just got 15 more of them.

    Ingredients of Vicodin: 5 mg hydrocodone and 500 mg acetaminophen.

    So its basically a tylenol and hydrocodone together. Since tylenol helps me its no surprise this does too.. helps much better actually. The acetaminophen reduces inflammation and hydrocodone depresses central nervous system.

    Next time I take it I’ll take 1 tylenol with it. So that’s gonna be 5 mg hydro and 1000 acetaminophen. We’ll see if it gets rid of hard flaccid completely and how it helps PE.



    tried it last night.

    I got a hold of some no name painkillers, different than the one I tried before. Took 2. I didn’t feel much on these ones, they’re probably weaker than the previous, just made me tired.. Then I took a tylenol. Hard flaccid improved by like 60% but still far from ideal.

    So I figure the reason it worked better last time was because I smoked weed the same time I took the PK. Or maybe I’m building a tolerance already which is likely too.

    But anyway I’m done experimenting. It doesnt help as much as I woulda liked, I cant have sex like this, and PE is still there.

    I’m gonna get a hold of some oxycotin and see how it helps. It’s a stronger opiate.



    I read ages ago on erowid that someone used tylonol because it increased orgasm. But because it restricted their blood vessels, the 2nd or 3rd time they used it, they got some pain, and became impotent.

    I’ll try and find the link.



    Sorry my bad it was benadryl. Don’t abuse this drug, or painkillers, as they may render you impotent.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    There’s been some very interesting posts on musclechat reguarding hard flaccid lately, One of them is from a guy called superbig, who got rid of chronic prostatitis/cpps using a powerfull anti-inflammatory and an alpha-blocker.

    The other is by a guy called tierry, who used simpatolitics (anti-sympathetics)

    called Phentolamine and Phenoxybenzamine, though it is’nt clear if he had hard flaccid or not (unless i missed it).

    Here’s the links:- [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] and [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    nice lee

    I’m gonna order those two alpha blockers soon when I get a chance.



    ”I’m gonna order those two alpha blockers soon when I get a chance.”

    Yes it definately sounds quite promising.

    I was thinking maybe if we used a combination of the two threads, meaning the alpha blocker (block of the sympathetic) Phenoxybenzamine (Dibenzyline) to block both the alpha-1 and alpha-2 receptors, which also has a half life of 24 hours.

    Mix that with the anti-inflammatory meloxicam which only blocks cox-2 especially at its low therapeutic dose, then that could be quite effective for us.

    (Meloxicam is also an analgesic like tylenol aswell and i’ve read it’s ok to take it with tylenol)

    Then maybe throw 2.5-5 mg cialis into the mix for some extra blood flow in the pelvic area, and who knows i may even be able to have sex with a real woman, instead of my right hand. lol



    lol joking aside though, I think that mix will actually relieve hard flaccid fully and we’ll be able to have sex for a day or two. Straight up. And not only that combination, various combinations can work like.. tylenol + curcumin + Phenoxybenzamin + weed. Or Vicodin + Phenoxybenzamin + curcumin.

    As long as it lowers inflammation past a certain point hard flaccid alleviates. And then we just gotta stay relaxed and not tense pelvic muscles or else it’ll bring it back. But its easy to keep them relaxed when they are naturally relaxed cuz of low inflammation. It actually requires effort to tense them again. And then with no hard flaccid, and no PE cuz of the anti inflammatories, we should be able to have sex easily. Obviously this is no fix, but something to keep in mind if you wanna get laid one night.

    I’m getting a hold of some oxycontin on friday. Its a pretty powerful opiate. Its addictive too but I dont have an addictive personality so I’ll be ok. My prediction is that it will relieve hard flaccid instantly and keep it relaxed for like 5 hours. If not fully relieved I will take a curcumin or tylenol or btoh and then I’m sure it will be 100% gone. I’ll let you know.



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