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    I notice that many people here (pimp, raven etc) are using hydrocortisone or isocort etc and having some good results. Apparently our Adrenals are messed up and a Cortisol supplementation seems to do the trick.

    Given this I feel that Panax Korean Ginseg can help us, right? It is an ADAPTOGEN and can balance our bodies, specifically DHEA/Cortisol.

    I for example have high dhea/low cortisol.

    What do you guys think?

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    help anyone?



    I don’t know… some herbs can help, the problem i have found with herbs, they seem to work when you first start using them but there effects wear off… you need to cycle them or increase the dosage…

    i liked stinging nettles and Maca, the most….

    i think its better to address vitamin/mineral deficiencies than to take herbs.




    Thank you Max.

    Wow, that’s a great point there about not relying on herbs.

    Is there a way to balance/boost your hormones WITHOUT using herbs? I am not sure which vitamin/mineral can boost hormones. How do you boost your hormones? I am convinced that my problem is hormones.



    minerals can definitely boost hormones..

    iodine can boost thyroid

    zinc can boost testosterone

    vit C / magnesium can increase adrenals

    BUT, for most people here i think we need more than that…




    Thanks Max…

    It looks like taking Vitamin C in high doses can be a potential remedy for Adrenal Fatigue.. would you agree?

    My blood test results show an elevated DHEA and slightly low Coritsol. I am looking for something to balance this ratio to normal/healthy levels.




    Max, what do you mean by that?



    we need HRT

    armour, HC, DHEA, HCG, T Shots…

    i think most of us here have permanent damage and can not naturally here.

    yes Vit C is good for adrenals..




    gotcha.. thx Max.

    I remember you took armour grains… were you ever on HC? generally if we take these HRT stuff won’t it create a dependency? i seriously don’t wish to be on a lifetime HRT



    im sorry, but for most of us here its a life long thing.. you need to learn to live with it and take the meds for life…

    its safe and effective for the most people, were simply giving our body the hormones that it needs..

    theres alot of evidence that low hormones such as thyroid, testosterone and DHEA cause all sorts of disease….

    we need the hormones to live long and happy…

    i just started HC, and am increasing my armour, and i just added a Transdermal DHEA… its helping alot.. i may start taking HCG

    i tried thousands of differnt products, hundreds of different diets and NOTHING helped with hormones… look diet is powerful, but it can only do so much..

    they have been treating people with armour thyroid and desicated thyroid glands for thousands of years..

    the chinese would make a thyroid gland soup for people who lacked energy..

    this is from wiki pedia

    “Pork, or mixed beef and pork, thyroid preparations were developed in the late 1800s, and are still used today to treat hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland).”

    now we have the technology to take hormones in easy ways

    If you trully want to get healthy and solve your problems you need to get tested and get on the hormones you need, i really dont see any other way around it…. i would stop messing around with supplements and herbs. it wont solve your problems. Im sorry i wish herbs, food did but its just not enough for us..

    If you want your better off running a 80$ salvia cortisol test and getting on HC and armour. you can order both online without a doc, although i dont recommend but alot of people just self medicate.

    you can also test thyroid for like 100$.



    i would say the same as max

    when i tried hydrocortisone it stabilized my blood pressure levels which were forever low to begin with, always dizzy and shit, three days on this and boom it went away

    it’s a radical change of view you have max.. i know you advocated diet and natural means only (for as much possible) but it really seems you can’t go without meds to get your body going again



    Max and Pimp,

    Thanks for your excellent advice.

    Max, I can’t agree with you more about Hormones being the most difficult to balance. Your right on. If our problem was mere Nitric Oxide we could have healed a long time ago. Heck, it took so much time to even know that things like Adrenal and Thyroid could play a role..

    I checked out and looks like they are located in Oregon. But I really don’t mind making a trip there to figure out my hormones..




    you can just order it right online, thats what i did… its quick, easy and accurate..



    People will never get better trying to look for a cureally in a natural supplement. Its like trying to find the holy grail by tossing a coin on a map and investigating where it lies. You need to look at all aspects of the person. mentally,biological, environmental, nutritional, lifestyles (stress reduction, proper sleep patterns, exercise). Once you examine these it will start to paint a picture of really what is going on at all levels. The hardest part is trying to find practioner that will do that.. Many of people from here that i have encountered in person have many aspects that need addressing just out side of “normal blood tests” results. I am also working on method using NLP to help guys to get passed hidden behaviors or fears that will aid in recovery in sexual exhaustion. The process uses right brain left brain technique as well as altering cellular memory and behavior.

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