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    I think PE was one the fundamental factors that lead me to my miserable state.

    The thing with PE is, that it really doesn’t come with an orgasm. It’s just a quick release with some pleasurable sensations when sperm moves in the urethra. I remember when I first started masturbating, orgasms were so strong I kinda lost consciousness. After I started to masturbate many times a day, the orgasms went away, and I haven’t really seen it since. I was left just with forced ejaculation (The muscle spasm during an orgasm are involuntary, but I teached my body to do the spasms voluntary so I would reach the peak sooner since I was in a hurry in our family bathroom This, I believe, is the most common reason for PE; unconscious tensing of the orgasm triggering muscles.)

    I always wondered why did I continue masturbating many times a day when it didn’t even feel good because there was no real orgasm. Now I kinda get it. My body was left hungry after every wank, because there was no orgasm, no sexual fulfillment, no satisfactory. So I keep hunting and hunting for the satisfaction, but never find it; on the contrary, the PE just becomes worse and the sensations decrease.

    Does anyone else feel like this?

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    Yes this sounds like a classic addictive cycle. porn will strip you of your desire to ograsm properly too.

    How are you now Nick generally? Would you say you’re healed?




    Indeed. It will over-arouse you quickly and cause PE. If one wishes to masturbate it should be definitely done without porn. This way it’s much easier to build a higher arousal, stronger erection and better ejaculation control.


    Life is good and keeps getting better. I still have some minor related symptoms like shoulder problem and dry skin on the face, but I believe my sexual performance would be normal if I got the chance, since I have control over ejaculation. I never lost erection power, though, so I’m talking mostly about PE.

    I don’t like to think there is this magical “100%”. I thought I was at 90% a year ago, but I always find some more work to do with my organs. But I like it, it’s a reason to continue living as healthy as possible. There seems to be no limit how much health and energy you can build in your body.



    Ya I relate to what your saying even though I never jerked off very excessively. It becomes an addiction very quickly because of the dopamine spikes it gives you. Just like gambling and junk food becomes a nasty addiction too. And you need to have seriouss will power to fight these urges at first. But it needs to be done.



    I dont think I have PE symptom , I think my problem with PE is/was its alot of work to substain a erection now. that too much force and focus is going on to have the feelings /sensation of my old self. I notice the last time I masturbated I was relaxed and calm and not so worry about erection strength , it was a lil bit longer . I had alot of pre cum at first now it seems to be normal now.

    I just got to get rid of the small flaccid and get libido back.

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