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    The pelvic tension is definitely there, as you say, but the root of the pelvic tension is inflammation. And the root of the inflammation is a backed up liver, high Estradiol, and other deficient hormones like thyroid, cortisol, dhea..

    That’s my case at least. I have pelvic tension as well. I know for a fact now that inflammation is the root.

    The backed up liver and high estradiol is causing a lot of inflammation throughout the body. The inflammation irritates the pelvic muscles, causes them to tense, which gives us PE, and in combination with low free testosterone and high estradiol gives a shrunken flaccid penis.

    How I know that inflammation is the root:

    1. When I started taking tylenol I noticed that most of my symptoms were alleviated to a degree. PE, erection size, everything. Tylenol is anti-inflammatory.

    2. I ran a vitamin mineral amino acid test and every mineral that was responsible for detox, like methionine, was very low. Also minerals responsible for thyroid and adrenal function, like selenium, were also very low. Vitamin B12 and vit B9 (folate) were very low which indicates backed up liver.

    2. I ran hormone tests, my estradiol (e2) was very high. Free testosterone low. DHEA low. Cortisol low (but now much improved), and thyroid levels very low.

    I recently started taking high dose vitamin B12 and folate, which is supposed to detox the liver and open methylation pathways in liver and my flaccid penis is already looking more plump.. so basically symptoms are starting to disappear. My pelvic muscles feel a bit more loose too. and this is just the very beginning of my recovery. Next I;m gonna address every hormone one by one.

    So I donno if for fact everyone’s root is inflammation. But I bet it is for most people. Run hormone and mineral and vitamin tests and if results are similar to mien then it confirms it.

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    Its incredible to feel that finally we are getting “warmer” (lol), frenchi.

    Lets hope the methylation thing goes good with me as well!

    PD: I like your name roflcopter haha



    Your on the money roflcopter. Check some of my posts I mention the same thing and there has been reference to Chronic Pelvic Floor Syndrome and the book “Headache in the Pelvis” It involves internal and external trigger point therapy of the pelvic floor along with paradoxical relaxation which gets you to focus and accept the pelvic pain and in that releases it. Also the underlying root causes need to be addressed for what actually cause us to tense up these muscles.

    In my case its chronic stress.

    The thing that gets me the most is when I ejaculate the next day my psoas & low abdominal muscles, back and shoulders and neck are so tensed and I feel so low and foggy. Once I hit the triggers I immediatly feel better.

    So I gotta work out why thats happening. Ive tried everything and the only thing I can put it down to is the act of the ogasm is causing the pelvic floor to tense up which then has a train reaction to the other muscles.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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