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    I am moving from now my posts regarding this issue here as it is only related with hard flaccid partially. In the future this record will be useful, as I am gonna clear this condition and will be interesting to have all the chain of posts.

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    I found good info regarding CPPS, Prostatitis, Intersticial Cystitis etc (and we know how related those are with hard flaccid).

    Because some days coffee enemas cause me hours of pelvic pain/hurting hard flaccid I researched a bit the topic and:


    There is more useful info in this website:

    I still wonder where I could find a Physical Therapyst specialised in the pelvic area in this country.I need to research that since I injured myself with PE. But its clear my hard flaccid and pelvic pain come partially from inflammation as well.

    Right now the pain its pretty strong. I will begin to think this is a detox symptom from Nutritional Balancing if it persists. My eczema have returned and pretty bad too and this means toxins trying to get a way out the body.


    The question its, why CPPS and PFD are co-occurent with other chronic conditions such as CFS or IBS? Can all this be caused by inflammation?

    Naaah it is not the coffee enemas only. The coffee enemas are inflamming something that its already inflammed because of food allergies. I had the first bout of pain the 15 of July, which lasted until the 30th, triggered in my opinion by food allergies and by that time I wasnt doing any coffee enemas. And the pain was much worse than now, I remember I was screaming, now im simply chattering with my family about the possible causes of this like the classical crazy talkative nut. But in my experience in these 5 or so days spread around two weeks of random pains differ in intensity depending of the day so easily tomorrow I can get it worse.

    7 days ago I took lots of dehydrated fruits, 5 multigrain cookies, and around 200 grams of feta cheese. 4 days ago I ate chickpeas. I have been eating since some days green beans. 3 days ago I ate a napolitana of chocolate, which its basically like a chocolate bun. You have there hybridized refined wheat and god knows why in the “chocolate” inside the bun. Yesterday took eggs for first time in a long time. I have been eating honey the last four days and I hadnt eat it since months. Today I have penis pain. Yesterday was full moon. Today I have penis pain. Therefore my current theories are parasites cycles affecting me or food allergy to eggs or honey. It has been my experience that sugary foods can trigger this pains, happened me with horchata beverage. I dont think the cookies or the fruits are a problem, since I have been periodically eating them every week or so without problems.

    During my first strong outburst of pelvic pain I was eating honey, dairy and eggs if I recall well. I have also got not that strong hard flaccid pain from cashews one day and chinese food other. Im certain this inflammatory pain has a dietary cause or factor.




    Btw I ejaculate/masturbate every two weeks at most so its not that.

    Basically im pretty sure my condition, including this, has to do with leaky gut, which was caused by heavy metals and possibly parasites (or other pathogen) so its in those in which im focusing for now. Physical Therapy and the addressing of my hypothetical phisiological penis/pelvic trauma are left for the future as my toxic and nutrient defficient problems are so apparent.



    Haha this guy was doing the same than me lol

    It was one of the offensive foods, thats for sure. Im gonna make a list and avoid them like the plague in the future.



    Allright its the foods and the leaky gut, autoimmune, inflammatory reactions. This is day two in the GARD diet and no pains whatsoever even doing coffee enemas daily.

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