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    Sorry to post about this again but I’m still obsessing over it and am desperately searching for answers… I promise this will be my last time.

    Does anyone know ANY way to make your penis thicker? I would honestly like to take some length off of mine.. all I care about is girth at this point. I’m in college and am surrounded by girls I want to get at (i already had 2 that were all over me but turned off by my cock) and this is the only thing holding me back.

    If anyone can help me out in any way, shape, or form I will be eternally grateful. This shit is honestly ruining my life. Thanks

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    doesn’t ballooning (start and stop) method do that I used to do it when I was over masturbating and it seemed to help with my girth and length.



    i’m kinda sketched out by most of the penis exercises… most of them seem like absolute bs and i dont want to take the risk of making things worse. i’m willing to give it a shot if you actually thought it was working, however. i’m only interested in increasing my girth though, i already have more than enough length. i particularly want to increase the girth at the base of my dick (its like 4 and a half inches there). also, my dick isn’t circular.. its diameter is bigger side to side than it is from top to bottom (front to urethra). i fucking hate the shape of my dick

    please fill me in on what you know on ballooning. thanks so much



    basically what I was doing was masturbate to the feel the climax and stop right before and hold back the ejaculation with the PC muscle. when you do that you will notice a increase in blood to your penis as it has enlarged. you do it about 3 to 5 times. I used to be proud of my time I could go without coming.

    I used to do it all the time till i felt saw and felt like my penis was thicker and my length is no problem either. I dont know that I used to do that method sometimes + ejaculate alot which lead me to this forum SE lol. I would say be careful alex

    and how is your healing process going , must be well if you doing ballooning techniques.



    yea ive been ballooning for a while actually, i usually do it up to 3 times when jacking off. i guess i could say im recovered now, but thats not even an issue to me anymore. im more worried that all the shit i did during puberty stunted my development of secondary male characterists, including my penis girth and glans, torso broadening, facial structure, beard, voice, etc.

    but to answer your question i think im recovered to an extent.. i was going out with lots of energy and a good attitude and making good conversation with everyone and having a great time for the first 3 weeks or so of college… then the idea that i have a thin penis was implanted into my head and i sunk into severe depression, and i basically became exhausted again.

    i feel good about who i am as a person but am really concerned about how ive developed physically.. i also dont masturbate nearly as much as i used to (1-3 a week now). there’s no way of knowing what i would have been like if i hadn’t gone through this shit so its hard to say how recovered i am. all i can say is besides my penis problems and all the other shit i feel fine and balanced- a lot better than how i felt a couple years ago when i became “sexually exhausted



    how long where u exhausted ??? I just been SE for 2 months and already want to be healed. I can related to you I never put so much emphasis on my penis before. I be doing good and having fun but when I go to bathroom or bathe the shrunken firm flaccid kills my mood some. Its weird seem like all my aniexty and fears or gone but the flaccid state is the my only aniexty/fear now. I even had to turn down two chicks the other day they were giving me so much play.



    i was exhausted for a long time but when i finally hit rock bottom my junior year of high school (two years ago), that’s when i finally found out about all this. it blows my mind that i remained ignorant that long. probably cuz i researched it and saw all these doctors saying how its absolutely safe (my actual doctor said so also) and took their word for it.

    sorry to break it to you so frankly, but its gonna take you a while to recover. don’t try to take any shortcuts or your just gonna F*ck yourself up more. if we could recover this quickly, then a normal person could the same and become a superhuman. basically, it took you a long time to be exhausted so its gonna take some time to recover. its definitely doable though, so keep your hopes up. the main things that will aid your recovery is a balanced, healthy diet, plenty of quality sleep, a positive attitude (this deserves more explanation but i dont have time right now- look at my other posts or i can explain later), exercise, plenty of water, and basically anything you can do to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and calm your sympathetic and stop excessive dopamine-adrenaline (or whatever it is) conversion. abstinence is pretty controversial, it definitely has benefits but i also think it can be counterproductive in excessive. sex/masturbation is also important to an extent.

    for me i never really cared about my size b/c i always thought length was what mattered and i didnt realize how skinny my penis was compared to normal. after being rejected (not officially, but that’s the impression i got from it) by two girls here and measuring my girth and researching it online, however, ive taken a huge blow to my self-esteem. this led to me to realize how underdeveloped i am in other areas which makes me very depressed and anxious. i really liked this last girl and she was all over me and things were great between us, but after she saw/held/blew my cock it’s changed a lot. we’ve hooked up since then and were still good friends and everything but i can tell she’s moving on. i dont think i’d be able to satisfy her like her ex (who she broke up with right before she came here) did.. her pussy was kinda loose when i fingered her. sorry about the rant- this is what’s been going through my mind and fucking up my life more than anything though.



    i’ve been doing ballooning recently and developed sensitivity on the upperside of the penis.

    Stop and Start method is not ballooning, that’s edging, they’re different. Ballooning doesn’t stimulate the underside of the penis, only the upperside.

    I haven’t made any gains from it cause I keep bloody ejaculating afterwards (it very important not to ejaculate), but I have been able to develop orgasmic sensations which is good, because I don’t orgasm.



    and this is supposed to help girth?? if so, please elaborate…



    sorry I know it will take time to heal I meant to say I want to make (improvements)recovery.

    hey alex do you have aim or yahoo it would be alot better to talk to members from the forum in a more timely way.



    yeaa good idea, my aim is chubster888 (i made it when i was really young lol).. hit me up sometime

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