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    Dr.Lin was and still is one of the most knowledgable in the world on sexual exhaustion. Unfortunately he’s more interested in ripping people off. His formulas proved to be ineffective for many despite their propaganda on his website. Here is the story of my lifelong sufferings.

    (1999-2000) – When I first encountered Dr.Lin’s website I just graduated from eighth grade at the age of fourteeth! At the time I was reading up something on penis enlargement and stumbled across Dr.Lin’s site. I started masturbation at the age of seven by humping the bed until orgasm, dry orgasm that is until puberty. I thought that the sexual exhaustion thing Dr.Lin places great emphasis on on his website would not happen to me.

    (2000-2001) – Then one day during the summer of my freshmen year in high school, I found that I couldn’t get an erection and has never really had been able to since that day. In my mind, I thought “is this thing Dr.Lin was talking about really happening to me?” My whole high school years was taken from me.

    (2001) – I suffered for one whole year dreaming of just being able to get my hands on Dr.Lin’s seemingly magical formulas, the fear of my parents prevented me from ordering. Then during the summer of my sorphmore year in high school I finally got it, I biked all the way to the post office to get the package. All my hopes shattered after Dr.Lin’s products did nothing.

    (2002) – The end of my junior year in high school ended in my psychiatric victimization as I became more and more desperate and made the mistake of deciding to give psychiatry a try. Do not ever go to psychiatry or psychology for help of any kind, they don’t know anything and will tell you that you’re mentally ill which will stigmatize you and only worsen your already tough problems. Thanks to some not so intelligent authors and school health textbooks that protrayed psychiatry as some kind of “experts” at helping people and the fact that they know something about neurotransmitters but not really knowing how to effectively work with biochemical imbalances, I suffered greatly at the hands of psychiatry. I also came to realise that I do suffer from psychiatric disorders such as social anxiety and adjustment disorder but then again psychiatry considers low libido a “mental illness”. All my symptoms really means is that my body is in sympathetic mode due to lack of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA and acetylcholine. This is also known as yin deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    (2002-2003) – I discarded the anti-depressants that I was given and started researching my problems legitimately. During this time I was working with Traditional Chinese Medicine patent formulas aiming towards the digestive system, thinking that perhaps my stomach problems were preventing the proper absorption of Dr.Lin’s products. In the spring of 2003 I visited a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the first time. I was diagnosed with kidney yin deficiency and blood stagnation by Dr.Khang of Mpls, MN. Suffering from depression more and more as high school came to an end, I got into a brutal bike accident that destroyed my gums and damaged my front tooth as they were knocked in.

    (2004) – I met W., a true revolutionist, amazed everyone by moving away from Dr.Lin’s products and coming up with a regiment consisting of L-tyrosine, 5-HTP, choline and the multi-vitamin ADAM that worked for him. W. to this day and of all times, remains correct in the basic biochemical strategy towards dealing with sexual exhaustion. My carelessness from all my health problems only accumulated, more trouble came for me as I got into a confrontation with the police after some stupid 5’2″, 200 Ibs white woman in her mid 30s from the Internet, claimed to the New York office of the FBI that I was stalking a girl I knew from high school.

    (late 2005) – Many followers of W’s were unable to fully restore their health problems and the search for a solution continues. Everyone thought William J. may have became the next great one but his Brazil Live Coral was proved to be for the most part useless in dealing with sexual exhaustion. I got my hands on Alan Ritz’s book which recently came out and Ritz was on the same level as Dr.Lin and W., he had independently developed a method almost identical to ‘s minus the testosterone supplements. He is also much more thorough in details and only until recently had the likes of Brandon () been able to catch up. Another difference between Alan Ritz and ‘s method is Alan Ritz’s use of Traditional Chinese Medicinal tonic herbs which left out although Dr.Lin used them in his Ginseng Powermax 4X. Ritz’s source of tonic herbs comes from Ron Teeguarden, considered to be one of the world’s foremost tonic experts. I tried Traditional Chinese Medicine again, this time with Dr.Ming of China, an impotence specialist. I was again diagnosed with kidney yin deficiency, the difference from the first TCM doctor’s diagnosis being deficient fire in the stomach which is basically stomach yin deficiency and I have a whole book on the topic but haven’t got time to study it yet. However I think with the neurotransmitters being successfully raised is all we need to restore this kidney yin deficiency. This forum was founded at the end of 2005 and W. was with us at the beginning but he has left us, however we have learned all we can from . Perhaps some of the things we know now were not known during ‘s time.

    (2006) – W’s greatest contribution I would say is his eye opening departure from Dr.Lin and his breakdown of key ingredients in Dr.Lin’s formulas (now also well known to the likes of Alan Ritz). He also moved us towards a LH/FSH boosting strategy with Tribex and Tongkat Ali and anti-aromatase supplements as opposed to Dr.Lin’s use of DHEA and prohormones. The neurotransmitters must be raised and there must also be sufficient endocrine power according to Dr.Lin in order to successfully jump start the dead “battery” which is the conclusion and myself are just now reaching. Unless your testosterone level is significantly low, the most important thing to focus on is your parasympathetic nervous system. Your parasympathetic nervous system must be jump started to recharge your body, this requires some help from the endocrine system but is only important if you really do have a low testosterone level. This is where I think W. left out, the emphasis on the parasympathetic nervous system.

    What are known to boost the parasympathetic nervous system?

    DMAE, Choline, L-Arginine, Lecithin (especially in granule form, is I think one of the most important), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Huperzine A, co-factor Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) for choline conversion to acetylcholine

    Please do your own researches and contribute to the knowledge…

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    I´ve done research in the past and have collected something.

    The page can contain very weird things, but when researching sexual exhaustion, nothing is really weird.

    There are many little things which are collected from mine and others tailored health systems.



    _, welcome to the forum. We need more people like you who are carrying out their own researches. You can perhaps be our TCM specialist here.

    I have seen your page before and will review it again. Right now instead of focusing on the stomach and spleen which is considered by some in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the base of yin deficiency, I am now focusing on the biochemical translation of those TCM concepts.

    Right now our most active researchers here are focusing on reviving the parasympathetic nervous system (the yin system), if we can’t get anywhere from here we probably never will. This have to be the anwser.

    , Alan Ritz’s book recommends L-tyrosine to balance out the level of adrenalin. About when to take L-tyrosine and when not to, I am not so sure yet. It is something that I am going to look into. Taking 5-HTP along with GABA will increase your dopamine level too because dopamine is not being excessively converted into adrenalin.

    I am not known for giving up, I have enough determination to train and succeed in more than holding my own against no less than two master players in competitive checkers which is no easier than chess and this is while being sick all these years.




    Thank you for sharing your experiences. You did a very good job. I am interested to take a look at the book you mentioned. Can you tell us the name of the book by Alen Ritz? Thank you.



    Easy guys, not trying to mock Ravens but I’m just feeling like people should recognize that I have one of the most severe case here. You know, all of us are not really happy so we’re just grumpy but it’s all cool. Anyways Ravens, you really don’t have to be with a girl to notice that you have a problem if there is a significant imbalance in your body. If your situation is at a significant level you would know it right away be it with a girl or not.

    Frank, I really wasn’t trying to put down Ravens, Ravens mentioned that he’s not sure if I’ve experienced sexual exhaustion at 17 or even younger, implying that maybe I haven’t experienced the problem at his level. This is just a war toughened way of telling Ravens about my experience. After nearly seven years of suffering I just felt like I have the right to tell my story in such a way.

    It was not to be taken literally that Raven’s case is nothing special but rather I meant to be saying that I’ve been there and done that, just coming from someone who is toughened from years of wars. Basically if I have the solutions to sexual exhaustion right now (which I nor anyone at this point don’t), I would go around proclaiming myself a world class expert and telling you all that your problems are nothing special and then give you the solutions. By this example you can see that I really am not trying to put down anyone. That’s just how I act if I have suffered more, experienced more or know the soution to something. Playing rough and being cocky is all it is.

    And by the way Frank, I have no respect for social workers and counslers at all so I wouldn’t want to be one. In my experience, they don’t know what they are doing.



    so umm machine whats your plan so far?



    I have done much much hours of research on the topic of over masterbating and sexual exhaustion. Dr Lin is very vague in his diagnoses and very quick to put down his link to his product order form.

    I have read through many of his cases/replies if not all of them. His theory of kick starting the battery here is exactly what he means.

    The master yin is achytcholine why this powers up the parasypthetic nervous system were the main nervous system connects to all the organs (Please excuse the spelling). Once your liver function gradually gets back to normal the liver converts raw proteins and vitamins into neuro nutrients seratonin, gaba, dopamin etc the neuro transmitters we have burnt out and your adrenal gland function goes back to normal the adrenal gland produces DHEA there fore testoerone which is essential for recovery since the brain also has hormone receptors. Older people adrenal functions get weaker with age thats why Dr Lin recommends they take a dose of DHEA to help them out.

    Therefor the bodies battery is recharged then it can rejuvenate it self but you must first drop your ejaculation frequency to 0, take a potent choline precursors such as alph GPC, acytel L Cartinine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, B Vitamins, fish oil, L-Arginine. To Gradually rejuvenate the parasymthetic nerves.

    In the mean time if your suffering from eye floaters and such take 5-HTP phew times and stop masterbating in phew days this will go.

    Also dont think Testoerone alone will give you erections. Its the parasymtheic nervous that give you erections with also a healthy seratonin and Gaba nervous system.

    Excessive over masterbating or ejculating creates DHT a potent form of testoerone the DHT connects to the hair root folicals which produce male patern boldness. It also brings prostate problems and helps create Acne take ZINC to help that or just good multi vitamin. Drink Tomato and vegatable juices to flush your blood stream of this potent hormone DHT. The main thing you can do is drop your ejaculation freqency to 0 and it will grow back depending on your age you can also take Saw Palmetto or a good soy milk. Soy contains phytoestrogens which mimic the DHT and protect the hair root folicals.

    Another myth i have heard is to drop your ejculation frequency to once a week this is Dr Lins way of making people wait longer for recovery and order more products. You SHOULD NOT EJACULATE UNTIL YOU HAVE A SUPER HARD SPONTANOUS ERECTION THEN ONCE YOU KICK START YOU HAVE TO HAVE GREAT SELF CONTROL AND KEEP A HEALTH EJACULATION FREQUENCY.

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