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    For those who read my posts about tryptophan last week i did some new experimenting this week with a product called phenibut.

    all last week i didnt have PE because of tryptophan. The effects wore off some time in the last few days. I heard really good things about phenibut for PE so i took 1 gram doses a few times a day for last couple days. Today I had sex.

    I had PE. Could last about 5 minutes and boom ejaculated. So it seems that phenibut isnt as effective as tryptophan for PE.

    However some positive things that came out of this experiment are that it basically confirmed that my phenominal results last week due to the tryptophan.

    I also think thay my dopamine is pretty in tact because I have no trouble getting hard a few minutes are I ejaculate which would indicate that my prolactin isnt that high. Since dopamine controls prolactin I guess thats one less thing i have to worry about once i get on my protocol to start healing.

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