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    aight so my mom got my amino acid test results. She was able to tell me some of my results. After a while i was like F*ck it and just asked her to send it to me so ill have the full results in a few days. However she was able to tell my phenylalanine readings and they were really high. they were 96 out of a scale of 40-74 ofcoruse i started doing alot of research and aparently having high phenylalanine interfers with serotonin production! phenylalanine is also the precursor to nopinephrine, epinephrine dopamine which would explain my PE. i asked her what my tryptophan and glutamine were and they were both normalish she said. Ill have to check them out in a few days when i get the resutls but those results confused me alot until i found out that stuff about phenylalaline. i seriously cant wait for my neurotransmitter test now i wanna see if all this shit correlates.

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    ill ofcourse post a highly detailed report once i have all the results but i wanted to share this little tid bit cuse the other stuff might be like 2 weeks or so.



    aght so iv been non stop researching about this and iv found alot of interesting stuff. aparently high levels of phenylalaline in the blood often indicate a lack of BH4.

    Tetrahydrobiopterin (THB, BH4; Kuvan) or sapropterin, is a naturally occurring essential cofactor of the three aromatic amino acid hydroxylase enzymes, used in in the degradation of amino acid phenylalanine and in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)), melatonin, dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), epinephrine (adrenaline), and nitric oxide (NO).[citation needed]

    So its possilbe that im lacking this enzyme which would explain why i have high levels of phenylalaline and would possibly explain how i have normalish levels of tryptophan but still have PE. Its possible that not enough of the tryptophan is being converted. Also high levels of phenylalaline would compete with other amino acids for transport across the blood brain barrier.

    I suppose the key to this would be to supplement with BH4 and tryptophan to even shit out but this is still theory at the moment.



    i think your on the right track. when i took biology over the summer, we learned how that for reactions to proceed there are sometimes things that inhibit it, things that cause it to happen, and sometimes both (i can’t remember what they’re called). basically what i am trying to say is a rxn (like trypotphan to serotonin) could be impaired either b/c there’s too much of something that inhibits it or too little of something that makes it happen, or maybe the balance isnt right.



    ya hopefully. even though richards has turned out to be a disapontment i couldnt help but check his site for some possible info. i found this.

    Street drugs, sex and Health

    Sun, 01/10/2010 – 07:42 | M.Richards

    Street drugs accompanied with excessive masturbation, ejaculation or sex may prove to be extremely destructive. Directly or not they usually alternate the enzyme expressions, which results in numerous brain or nervous disorders.

    These disorders are usually a consequence of a transferase gene expressions by tyrosine hydroxylase, dopamine hydroxylase and phenylethanolamine-N-methyl. Excessive masturbation, ejaculation or sex only adds prolactin and oxytocin to the picture. When one exhausts his acetylchloline or dopamine nervous system, though, he will experience oxytocin deficiency and will have problem with the excitement of the oxytocinergic nervous system in the hypothalamus.

    Since unfortunatly im one of the people who not only overmasterbated but also heavily oversmoked and overpartied its totally possibly i fucked these hydroxylase up and now my body isnt properly converting amino acids. God theres so many fucking variables and issues with these problems just when u think ur on the right track u get a surprize.



    i know, its so frustrating. legitimate doctors need to start realizing this shit exists and addressing these problems.



    Yea its beyond frustrating.

    Even though weed helps while I’m high, now I’m not sure anymore if I caused even more damage over the months by blazing. Now it seems to take longer then before for my symptoms to start dissapearing when I abstain. And thinking about this alot lately is just making it worse. But I can’t live my entire life in a state of meditation with 0 stress and slowly wait to heal.

    This is fucked. Maybe some supplements for adrenals or something will actually help.



    i no how hard this is to say but for now the only thing we can do it arm ourselves in patience. at least thats all i can do. Im slowly getting all the right blood work to figure out my case. Hoopefully ill be able to make a recovery and figure out whats fucking up my body. i would absoltly love to figure out all this bullshit. Ill be honest if i cant figure it out in 2 years or so i dont think ill mentally be able to keep going and fighting. Ill prob go on HRT. F*ck it life is to short to live like this.



    My view on all this right now is that doctors and other people we’d go to for help fail to acknowledge this stuff b/c a) there is insufficient research b) they’re unable to think outside the box b/c they just follow what they’re taught in med school c) society rejects “sexual exhaustion” and overmasturbation as whole, even though they really have no clue d) it’s not economically helpful to put our resources towards studying this stuff when we’ve already got so many problems in this world right now and e) no one prestigious enough has put forth the effort to pursue this stuff and make a difference. lets be real, a very small percentage of the population is “sexually exhausted”, and the ones who are are burnt the F*ck out and unable to make a difference, but they are the only ones who care. even if you weren’t sexually exhausted, you’d have to be fucking brilliant the comprehend the shit that is going on in our bodies.

    People thought Galeleo was mad when he thought we revolve around the sun and thought Columbus was nuts for thinking the world was flat. Same sort of idea with us, except we know that this shit is for real and its much, much more complicated.

    I know I’ve already said this a bunch of times, but I’m currently the University of Michigan and am already part of the research program and it is my top priority to learn what I can about this stuff and hopefully one day will be able to do research on this stuff. They’ve already got research projects that pertain to stuff very closely related to all this and are definitely capable of studying overmasturbation/sexual exhaustion. U of M is an excellent university and is especially renowned for their research. I feel like it’s my destiny to make it to the top and finally overcome all this shit. Watch me win a nobel prize or some shit one day lol



    Alex great points…….

    i cant even tell you about how many times iv day dreamed scenarios in my head were we finally figure out this godforsaken condition and everyone on this forum achieves some level of recovery. Iv pictured writing a book or giving a tv interview or something where i described all about overmasterbation and sexual exhaustion. I really think this problem is gona get so much bigger as more and more porn gets available and kids are clueless to the harm. honeslty if it turns out that it is your destiny to figure out SE from your research group then your gona become a fucking milionare.



    haha you’re right this problem really is just gonna get bigger and bigger if society stays oblivious to it. it already is a big problem, not just for us who have it the worst, but for so many kids who have it to a lesser extent and think their problems are normal or were caused by something else. the only problem is the best way to deal with it is to simply be aware and prevent it from happening in the first place. dealing with it after it’s happened, however, is so fucking hard, as we can see. so it would have to be a two step process: first to prove that it exists and implement a new form of sex education, then to find a way to deal with it. i wish there was a way to deal with step 2 first, cause that’s all i want right now.

    the other problem is its really embarrassing to bring it up. people will wonder why i want to conduct this experiment and if i do follow through with it ill definitely have to come out of my shell and show all my problems to the world



    be care ful about the coming out of the shell thing. When i first found out about this i told the some close friends, my ex and my parents. At first people will try to be understanding but after a while there gona talk behind your back and think your weird. The only people who truly give a F*ck and are doing all they can to help me are my parents. but i dono i want this problem to be spread around the medical community so bad so eventually were all gona have to open up.

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