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    has anyone uncovered any information regarding overmasturbation and the pineal gland? or if the pineal gland has any role in sexual function?

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    I believe it is where melatonin comes from (the sleep hormone!). As for its role in sexual function, it inhibits sexual development before a teenager reaches puberty. When you reach puberty your body will have started to produce less melatonin. I dont think it is of great concern to us.



    ah. just curious. cause i had a brain mri done not related to SE and it shows i have a 5mm pineal cyst…dont know if its related. its just interesting how everthing in my body hormonal related is going haywire….



    Pineal gland is also known as third eye in energetic medicine.

    With out proper stimualtion from pineal glad ones hormones can be out of wack especially in the winter time when one does not gett proper lights. Testoseterone is lowest in wintertime 25-30% and higher insummer time.

    Why do you think the greeks were naked all the time they lived for heliotherapy because they know that sun gave them strength and vitality.



    wow, right on han!

    my libido is quite low in winter but pretty good in summer



    Get a sunlamp I have help cure alot of libido problem use it 30 minutes after rising to reset your pituitary gland

    10,000 lux lamp works wonders for depression and resetting your clock in the winter time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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