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    If i had no insurance i would get one big test first.

    Thyroid TSH w/ Free T4 & Free T3 $78.49

    Testosterone, Total, Serum $44.49

    sex Hormone binding Globulin, Serum $49.49

    Estradiol, Sensitive $68.49

    Total: $240.96

    this test for 300$ is decent

    except they do the wrong e2 test.

    of course its better to add as much as possible like DHEAS, DHT, Prolactin, LH,FSH, IGF1, Cortisol, Reverse t3, Ferritin, etc.

    then if need be doing ATCH, Aldoesterone, RENIN.

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    thanks Max.

    Are these tests covered by insurance?

    Can I just go to one of these labs and get a blood test without a doctor’s prescription?



    They might be covered by your insurance who knows. depends on your insurance.

    you can buy them online though without insurance/doctor though



    yep, this is great news…

    i always had trouble requesting a blood test with my doctor.



    Well you still have to pay for them which sucks..

    But its an option for those who dont have insurance / doctor

    it’s still best to get labs through a doctor then insurance will cover it.




    Definitely Max

    I dont know why doctors refuse to do some of the basics blood tests because they see it irrelevant to our medical situation

    Thanks for Sharing Max



    Most doctors probably refuse most blood work because they simply don’t understand those types of tests… Also insurances tell doctors to do least amount of blood work.



    the Total: $240.96 you would do this about 2-3x a year… with maybe adding in a few other tests when need be

    everything else can be ordered online

    thyroid, cortef, hcg, clomid, arimidex. etc./




    Can all the meds mentioned above be ordered without a presciption?



    Can all the meds mentioned above be ordered without a presciption?

    you can get OTC

    isocort – instead of hydrocortisone (or other adrenal cortex glandular)

    raw thyroid, thyro complex, gta forte – instead of armour thyroid, erfa

    thyroid can be had off the web, hydrocortisone can be had by offshore pharmacies

    test, hcg, arimidex, clomid can be had by your local dealer, inquire on your country’s bodybuilding board/forum, this is much cheaper than ordering it offline

    of course best bet is a qualified doctor, but if you have to, the above is available

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