Please dont open new threads until we solve the spaming prob

Sexual Reboot Forum Please dont open new threads until we solve the spaming prob

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    Dear All,

    I know that the forum seems silly with this rubbish threads, but you and me need to cooperate and stop opening new threads, since its useless and the spammers keep opening mutlti-threads..and we will lose our attention to any new threads.

    I made this thread Sticky for our general discussion, until this problem is resolved

    I have contacted to take some action


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    Hope this step works, . They were taking the board down.



    I would like to mention that i changed in the last days my Digestive enzyme from the GNC brand into the enzymedica brand (digest gold)



    interesting new,

    Drmariano is back to reply in his forum



    NOW super enzymes seem to work fine, but it gets obvious I will need a much, much more complex approach for my gut issues.

    Steve its about to get the Metametrix Stool test. Im struggling with which path to follow myself, a DAN doctor here in Spain that does Metametrix and Yasko or keep doing NB with Theresa Vernon but im quite sure im gonna need focusing in the gut for a long while.



    one step at a time.

    if you can get handy on an enzyme that have no HCL, so you can consume them late night and early morning.

    look into options that confirms candida +parasites. both will give you access to use drugs such as albendzole and flucnozle.

    by the way what is NB?



    Yes, true.

    NB its Nutritional Balancing.



    Is this a virus that keeps posting or is someone doing it? If someone is doing it why cant you just ban the person?




    if iam not mistaken its the new model of spamming, it keeps changing its logging time, and avatar. and i think its the only spammer that managed to re-log again and again.



    I highly doubt it’s a physical person posting all this spam. They use programs called spam bots, you can get them for free from places like hackers forums.

    And i agree it has got out of control with spam lately, thanks for taking care of it .



    Thanks for the encouragement Lee

    This new model, is more keeps changing its IP,avatar,signature, logging time, you can say its the new age spamming bot that are mainly comes from in china ,india,brazil.



    Nooooo he reached us.



    Not any more






    guys what do you think?

    Shall i close this thread?

    or we wait till we get confirmation about blocking the user profile?



    Well done . It seems hes gone.



    lets hope so , but till now no confirmation.

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