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    both Sargonnas and Lee opinions are right

    you may need to take new measures in change, thus dau life change is important and diet change.

    the Pelvic tensions needs couple of tests, so do the prostate…i think you are in a good state just your inflammation levels and cyotkines is screwing your muscles or prostate tissue due to over-stimulation.

    you need to consider your age also, 1 a day can be alot and your body cant tolerate it.

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    Wow, you guys are amazing, thank you so very, very much.

    I was on antibiotics for 3 months, so I don’t think it’s bacterial.

    So you really think it’s more of pelvic muscle issue than what Lin/Richards refer to as “abrasion to the prostate/urethra from over ejaculating over the years”?

    I am just so new to this it’s so confusing to me. I mean, I don’t feel like my muscles are sore or tight down there. It doesn’t feel like it’s a muscular issue. It just feels like my penis hurts, bladder hurts so badly and have a constant feeling like I need to pee. Lots of achiness and burning deep under the base of penis. Plus weak stream, etc.

    It just seems to hard to believe. I am not doubting it. You guys are way smarter than I am and you’re a wealth of knowledge. I am just looking for reassurance. I am so terrified it’s bladder cancer or something.

    Lin really had me convinced this was sexual exhaustion.

    Plus, everytime I ejaculate it gets worse. Not just for a day or two, but in general. On the other hand, I went 10 days without ejaculating and it didn’t get much better either.



    As said, you’re in a state of high inflammation localized to the pelvic region right now, and IMO only long term abstinence is going to be able to get it down.

    Try to get as much sleep as possible, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, abstain and if you don’t see any improvement at all after a few months then investigate the possibility of it being something else.

    You also need to stop panicking and stressing about it, as this just makes all the inflammation and hard flaccid worse.

    All the symptoms you have given are consistent with chronic prostatitis but if your convinced it’s something more sinister like cancer then maybe you should also rule this out for your peace of mind to reduce stress.



    You guys are so awesome, I can’t thank you enough. Really.

    Does anyone else have a painful bladder? It’s just like a nagging, constant need to pee, even after you just peed.

    Thanks for everything guys, I am going to follow everyone’s advice starting now!



    Hi jspears,

    As iv’e already stated, because you have hard flaccid and you are a chronic masturbator I’m inclined to believe you have CPPS/chronic prostatitis. Having said that, there is also another condition which has a lot of overlapping symptoms with prostatitis, called Interstitial cystitis also known as bladder pain syndrome. Have a good read of the 2 links below to get a better idea of each.

    There’s also cystitis which is less severe than Interstitial cystitis and this may be worth looking into aswell.

    Are you sure the pain is coming from your bladder and not your prostate? I used to feel like i constantly needed to pee 24/7 too and most the time i went to the toilet hardly anything would come or it would just dribble out if i forced it. I had a split stream sometimes too. It was that bad for me at night time that i took a large pot to bed with me and kept it under my bed so i didn’t have to keep walking all the way to the toilet once an hour (or more).

    Just have a good look into both conditions and do lots and lots of your own research and I’m sure you’ll get it figured out eventually bro.

    All the best



    Thats not surprising jspears, it seems a lot of TPPS (T stands for “temporary” haha!) guys have anxiety and mental troubles such as catastrophic thinking. Its undoubtely related and its a big part of recovery becoming calm and positive. I think for getting this is needed a multi-faceted approach, just trying to change your attitude without changing your lifestyle wont work. For example, imagine that in my case some part of my stress and anxiety come from the catastrophic thinking of me being impotent and from the fact that I have avoided girls for two years now and its taking a toll on me. So at this point it gets clear for me its an important part of recovery starting again relationships with women. Pursuing things in life helps with this condition.

    If you check the last post by frenchi in the HARD FLACCID thread you´ll see that indeed bladder pain and urgency arent uncommon in muscle tension-related cases of CPPS.

    Yes, Interstitial Cystitis etc are good advices to investigate having in account your symptoms. I think IC could be an autoimmune condition ( I have researched this in the worst peaks of my hard flaccid).

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