Please help me sort my life–i am having suicidal thoughts

Sexual Reboot Forum Please help me sort my life–i am having suicidal thoughts

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    i am 19 years of age. I had started masturbation at the age of twelve. How i wish i never had. By the time i was 13.5 i had premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and a whole lot of other problems. Then i stumbled onto Dr.Lin’s site HERBALLOVE where i finally came to know why i was so tired all the time. So after learning of sexual exhaustion i tried to give up masturbation. I only did it once in every 15 days. This greatly helped me. My erectile dysfunction was diminished, though premature ejaculation was still there. My energy levels went up a lot. Even my memory improved a lot. But since the last 3 months i am having NIGHTFALLS. I have some stupid erotic dreams at night and i ejaculate. This has made me severely exhausted and very weak. I dont even think of any women during the day neither do i have a gf but still i have these dreams at night. How do i stop them. Please help me. I am so weak and so depressed that i am thinking of SUICIDING to end this miserable life that i am living.

    Please suggest a way out……………all opinions would be welcome.

    Please suggest some supplements or herbs.

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    to reduce your night falls you may try to reduce your protein intake from animal based source….

    limit your protein intake inot 40-50 grams a day

    cut of the dairy, it helped me alot in this side

    you may try to get a good fishoil that contains a 360EPA , 240 DHA and Borage oil with a rate of 200-400mf of GLA….take 3-4 caps a day and see if it will work for you, add 1 cap of B-50 vitamin

    they may help in stopping the cortisol spike when asleep, and this may have a great impact in stopping the nocturnal emission hence youll get them once every 1-2 week

    as for the rest…the guys have said enough



    thanx for replying…

    i wanna know a few things though

    1. is COD LIVER OIL good enough

    2. should i reduce milk and non veg intake and take in only lentils??

    3. any other way to reduce cortisol AND TO SOLVE THE NIGHTFALL.



    thanx a lot all of you for showing concern. its good to hear all of your encouraging words..

    anyways guys some of you have asked if i have porn or masturbation addiction.and the answer is NO…seriously.after coming to know about my condition i have completely stopped it. my problem is NIGHTFALL. 1 year back when i finally gave up my addiction i started abstaning. BUT WHAT HAPPENED IS THAT AFTER 15-20 DAYS I WOULD HAVE A NIGHTFALL. thoug this is still fine cause when it used to occur in 2-3 weeks i was like a normal person with only premature ejaculation as my problem.i would even get hard erections for 10 minutes or more. THEN A MONTH BACK I HAD MY EXAMS. THIS WAS A STRESSFUL TIME. AFTER THE EXAM GOT OVER I HAVE HAD NIGHTFALLS EVERY 2 DAYS. I THINK THE ADRENALINE SPIKE DUE TO STRESS IN THE ONE MONTH OF THE EXAMS IS TO BLAME. DUE TO THESE NIGHTFALLS ALL MY PREVIOUS SYMPTONS ARE BACK.

    also before the exams i had been taking 2 eggs every morning to solve my memory problems. and the great thing is that this one symptom has not reappeared after the nightfalls…SO DO I THINK THE EGGS FOR THIS CHANGE???I KNOW THEY HAVE A LOT OF CHOLINE.




    suicide is something i have contemplated as well in the past

    now i realize it’s just a chemical imbalance causing me to have those thoughts

    it starts with you going to a dr or getting a blood panel for hormones done yourself, browse around this forum for the tests.. so you know where you stand

    if you have low testosterone levels, high estrogen levels and lacking neurotransmitters which will make you recover really bad without having deep good sleep every night, you will wake up feeling fucked up and also you will get some lower cortisol.. all this shit needs to be investigated

    don’t feel bad for having these thoughts.. it took me some time but i now never have them anymore, even though my penis isn’t always functioning the way i want it to.. i feel great mentally and physically and have a great outlook on life

    to be honest this had to be fixed through hormones, but just sticking yourself with a needle injecting testosterone is the wrong way to go about it

    you messed yourself up, and now you need to know where you stand, i.e. your baseline labs / values, and then add in thing one at a time and measure the response.. it’s a sad situation i agree, but you know the path now.. as buddha said, i can only point you the way you have to follow the path yourself

    i hope i have given you some good advice and am thankful for helping a person out there and doing good in this world, hopefully you will recover soon.. in the meanwhile you can help other people on this forum by recovering yourself and posting your hormone labs, therapies you tried and tell us how they affected you (and your labs)..

    i agree it’s a bit anonymous as you don’t know all the people on this board, neither do i (apart from their screen and sometimes real name) but maybe one day you will write a book on how you fixed yourself and maybe you will help tons of others with it

    i am still not where i need to be after 10 years but at least i now have good energy, a good outlook on life and the ability to have sex by taking medications, but still it’s better than nothing

    heads up my man!



    1- cod liver is good too, in case you are Vitamin a & d deficient then youll notice a big difference…but i prefer a fish oil for the fat and the omega function they carry for forming the prostoglandins which aid the hormone process in the long term, lately fish oil has been proofed to lower mind stress

    a consumption of 3-4 grams (usually one cap carries 1 gram) or all thru the day will give you a good results in a month or two

    in case you find some draw backs…lower the dose to 2 grams

    2- Iam not sure about the milk, but for me i dont consume milk alot and i have limited the diarey products up to 20% of my daily diet or less

    results are loss of fat…

    since you take 2 eggs a day, try to consume more than 4 garlic cloves to aid the cholesterol conversion in the liver and this shall raise your cholesterol to hormones conversion

    and try not to consume animal protein at night…limit your self to nuts and fruits…

    thats what iam doing and it make a huge difference in my nocturnal emissions

    3- the cortisol and adrenaline is a theory, but if you are assuming that you are totally stressed then get some

    500mg of Vitamin C

    150-300 mg of Magnesium

    Vitamin B complex

    and finally a 14 to 12 spoon of sea salt mixed with water and lemon …sip it once or twice a day

    but the core thing is to do a Blood test to know if their is any imbalances with your hormones Mineralsvitamin Levels



    it should be continued for about 3 months and it will affect u in 10 days ,

    the complex should have b1 , b6 , b12

    take injection if u can or take it orally 3 times ….

    if u take injection take atleast 12 hours before u sleep cause it alerts you ….

    but will help u i am telling u

    good luck and let me know if helps

    try to change your diet on fruits and vegetable ….

    take care



    Yeah man don’t suicide. All of us here need each other to get through this. Maybe you will be the one to find a cure or some treatment that will help the rest of us, who knows? I’ve felt suicidal in the past, but having access to a group of people who are going through the same thing as me gives me hope. It gives all of us hope.

    Now about the nocturnal emissions. In the past I’ve had limited success in avoiding them by using a number of methods which I will list here:

    -A vegan diet (no food that came from an animal).

    -Keeping the body, especially the groin area as cold as possible while asleep.

    -Don’t sleep under covers or sheets.

    -When sleeping wear gloves, a jacket, pants with a belt, but no underwear, and shoes-preferably boots. For me it made me feel in a state of more alertness perhaps as if I was a soldier on a battlefield. It’s also necessary to stay warm since you’re not under covers while at the same time keeping your groin cool and free of irritation…but then again I’m not sure what the climate is like where you live since it might not get cold enough for you to use this method.

    -Go to sleep on an empty stomach and don’t drink anything too close to bedtime.

    I don’t adhere to a vegan diet anymore, because masturbation addiction is my primary concern now and I find that eating meat and dairy gives me more energy, but if nocturnal emissions are your only problem then a vegan diet may work for you.



    In addition there is a drug called Silodsin which causes dry orgasms. One member at the POIS forum tried it and it successfully stopped his symptoms, but the side effect of fatigue was too much for him to continue using it. However another member also tried it with no effect on his symptoms.

    Perhaps if you took a dose of this drug before you go to sleep you may be able to avoid nocturnal emission.



    I agree with these posts.

    I have been very ill at one time and I can say it was well worth never giving up and fighting till the end. LIfe is beautiful and life becomes even more beautiful when you face a challenge and overcome it. All of us here will overcome this challenge. Once you beat this you can beat anything in life and not just live but THRIVE FOREVER.

    I agree with Vincent here any a vegan diet could possibly be of benefit. The vegan diet would have to be very specific though.

    I would STOP all dairy and milk products for the time being

    I would recommend a diet very high in Green leafy vegetables, coconut oil, Lentils, etc. consume some fish (salmon) and maybe 1 egg yolk a day

    Seek the best food possible, organic local.

    Sunbathing 20-30 minutes a day is very powerful.


    deep breathing



    weight training

    i recommend all of these

    I would mostly focus on life style changes before you start looking into the hormonal stuff. That can be useful down the road. you need to clear your mind right now and focus on a rich whole diet and lifestyle,

    it’s possible by doing this your hormones will rebalance.

    Are you located in the usa?



    Lot of good posts. I will offer my 2 cents as well.

    First of all don’t go with the idea of suicide. Do not do something that you cannot reverse. You are not alone with these thoughts. It has crossed our minds as well. But we are still here fighting this condition. You can join us.

    Since you have suicidal thoughts I suspect your motivation (to live) is extremely low. And that in turns points to low Dopamine. It is the neuro-transmitter that is linked with motivation. I may be wrong but this is my guess. You need to eat lot of almonds and also take Mucuna Pruriens to boost Dopamine. To tackle your nightfalls I suggest that you stay away from all meat especially for dinner. Make sure to eat early (by around 7pm) and also eat light. Also avoid hot and spicy foods.

    It is very obvious that you need to stay the hell away from porn. It is the reason why we are here.

    The above are some of the things you can do immediately. The next step would be to go in for a blood test and see where your hormones are at. You can refer to Max’s sticky post to see what tests you need to take. At the minimum you should test for Testosterone (Total and Free), Estradiol, DHT, Thyroid Hormones, and Cortisol.

    Hope this helps!




    NO i live in INDIA………

    anyways i have not had nightfalls for the past 5 days after taking all of your advice. THANX AGAIN. I have now more energy now………



    I just want to add that i am learning a lot about my body now. The quicker you learn about this stuff the more time you have to recover. i’m on the same boat as you . there are many people who have recovered but they recovered by taking their diet and exercise seriously.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day

    I feel that once i heal myself of this, I’ll be the strongest man on the planet. Won’t anything stress me out anymore. i used to stress out over things in life such as social life and school. soon has SE came into my life, i realized that this was something that was worth stressing over. When i heal myself i will be able to face anything in life without any worries.

    like frenchie said, its easy to recover from this, it all relies in your mind. of course your gonna have to eat some vegetables, psh i am gonna totally hate giving up eating hardee’s burgers after school everyday, your gonna learn how to ignore the cravings of your body.



    Well I just wanted you guys to know that you are doing a great work here, your words make sense and I think they will be useful as well for anyone more harassed with the idea of killing himself. Well done.

    As for my part, I wont suicide before playing the new Elder Scrolls.

    I mean, there are still friends and some things, but is reaaaaaaaaaaally hard. Cure is there somewhere. I will get my tests from a private doctor.

    Unit makes power, this was just what I wanted a bunch of months ago when I posted on herballove (pffft) on the review section my email and I said that we needed to get together or something. Some guy named Bajor linked me here. Thank you Bajor!



    Completely agree with you. You can be sure that if get cured, trivialities wont bother me. I mean, we all now that life is absurd,and oh my hair is

    so ugly and oh my god i am an existentialist and a nihilist SHIT I REMEMBER MY GOOD DAYS I USED TO HAVE A HUGE NEED OF WOMEN


    Anytime a friend or the family complains about something I just say : “Your penis still working right? You can sleep in 20 minutes right? Do you still have hunger for girls and love right? Then shut the F*ck up and enjoy life!”

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