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    Hey everyone,

    Just joined up and really hoping you can help me out. For the past 3 years now (I’m 22), I’ve had a pain on the side of my penis (just below the head) and have noticed it curving to the left. I’ve gone to 4 different urologists, along with the best one in the state, and they said its not peyrronies disease because there is no scar tissue (they did ultra sounds and CT scan).

    I really want to get rid of this problem because the pain happens all day long. It feels like a burning sensation and dull pain. There are no lumps or anything that could be scar tissue. It’s also not an STD.

    Please help me out!!!

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    how severe is the curvature?



    I’d say around 20 degrees. The thing I don’t understand is how this actually could be happening without scar tissue being present. It’s not so much the curve that is worrysome (it still is), it’s the constant dull pain. The reminder that something isn’t right.

    Some of the symtoms are similar to yours (checked out your recovery thread). I’ve already made the purchase of the herbs you recommended and have been a frequent follower of t-nation, so I have my flameout already.

    I really would appreciate any input you have on this one, shark.



    this is interesting. 20 degrees and no scar tissue. hmm are you sure of this?

    5 degrees is a normal curvature and 20 would be a mild one.



    Probably around 10 or so on second thought. It’s enough where it’s noticeable. There is no scar tissue though. For the ultra sounds, I asked them to look for awhile but they said they found nothing.



    if your still able to get good erections have sex with your curve, i wouldnt worry about it, but the pain should be taken care of.



    Thanks, shark. Sad thing is, none of the doctors know what is causing the pain. The most technical one said I “tweeked it”. Very specific medical terminology, haha.

    When you had pain, what did it feel like? How long did it take before it went away?

    I appreciate the help, thanks buddy.




    I am quite not sure about the exact solution to your problem… however I believe that ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) would be of help. It has been repeatedly mentioned in this forum.

    I hope that other experts would concur.





    Thanks HCP,

    I recently purchased some and will give it a shot.

    Appreciate the help.



    well maybe its just a natural curve in your case. if there is no scar tissue then I wouldn’t worry about it. Even with a mild curvature like I had (15 degrees) you should still be able to have intercourse. I knew I had one because it was a hard lump.

    lots of oils to rub on the area +ALCAR or PLCAR (powdered form)



    That’s pretty reassuring. I’ll try the recommended supplements and oils and abstain for 3 months. After that, I’ll be back to report.

    Thanks for the help everyone!



    it took me 9 months to notice improvements just to add. make sure vitamin E is in the gamma form.

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