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    I have never heard of anything called SE before I found this forum and learned a little about the symptoms of SE. Eventhough I suffered from it when I was young I still have some of the symptoms. I am 24 now. From age 10 to 14 masturbated once or twice a day. I did not know that it could be devastating to my body. I suffered from panic attacks and avoided any social situation and also became very skinny. I reduced the frequency a lot lower when I found out the effects of masturbation.

    These are the symptoms I am having now:

    -I am still suffering from anxiety but to lower extent than when I was a teenager

    -have PE

    -low libido

    -I get depressed some times

    -I am a very shy and avoid even eye contact with other people

    Although I have all these problem, I eat very healthy, do a lot of cardio and weight training. I am usually the last person to get tired when playing sports with my friends. I take supplements fish oil, B-plex and trace minerals.

    I feel like my body is in good shape but my nervous system needs some boost but dont know how I could improve it.

    Does anyone with more experience with SE have any suggestion?

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    Hi and welcome to the forum:

    1- what is your frequency of weight-lifting? You might need to ease up on that. Don’t weight-lift and masturbate.

    2- get a comprehensive hormonal test panel done

    3- Take the Braveman test to identify which neurotransmitters need balancing



    I weight lift twice a week and cardio twice a week and masturbate once a week.

    and what is hormonal test panel and the Braveman test?




    cardio twice a week is alright, and weight-lifting twice a week is alright as well. are you lifting heavy though ??

    try and reduce your masturbation to once every 2-3 weeks or so.

    hormonal panel test: you do some blood and saliva tests for your hormones e.g DHEA, cortisol, testosterene

    here is the Braveman test:



    I try to lift as much as I can lift but not very heavy. Right now I just lift 20 pound dumbells.

    If I ask my doctor to test hormones in blood and saliva, what would that tell me?




    ok thats good. your doctor will probably say no but you could give it a try. if he doesn’t then you can get it from ZRT labs?



    You have signs of Gaba and serotonin lack.

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