pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me!!

Sexual Reboot Forum pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me!!

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    i’m sorry to hear that… keep it up…

    get to a good doctor

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    You need to sleep for at least 7-8 hours

    check you hormones… and see a doctor and explain your symptoms


    and have a healthy diet since you cant get any supplements

    Honey- Bee pollen- Royall Jelly= Rich in Vitamin B, Magnesium ,Iron and manganese

    You can go for serials, Dates , Banana’s, all type of fruits to enrich your body with the other nutrients and antioxidants.




    What are your current symptoms after 5 months?



    i’ve become so thin and so weak

    my head is heavy

    i still can’t concentrate at all

    my memory is still sooooooooo weak

    the eye floaters keep increasing

    insomnia and sleeping problems




    how much cash do you have?

    can you ask your GP for these tests, complain about fatigue lack of libido erection issues, and say you’ve read something about testosterone being involved with erections and thyroid with fatigue, perhaps he will give these tests, do ask for the test results afterwards:

    total testosterone

    morning cortisol

    t3, t4, ft4

    this would give a good indication as to where your problem lies



    i’ve finally done some tests for:






    and all are normal…except CORTISONE is slightly elevated (may be because of stress)

    what do you think?



    Not worth the time or effort on your part or dr’s. Not enough data can be gathered from this at all. You want help. You have to start wanting to help your self then and only then you will get help. To many people are looking for excuses to deal with their own inner problems which no one can tackle except your self. It was not untill I stopped feeling sorry for my self is when I started to heal. One can have all the optimal hormones, but if you are not happy with you are inside that will not matter. usually there are deep hidden issues one is facing but not willing to face it and ED is your bodys mechanism to tell you that something in your inner being is off and needs to be examined. I was with the hottest fitness model in europe one time. My dick could not get hard to save my life because it was she was a total bitch and she was ugly on the inside. I was wondering OMG was it me. No it was her and who she was. These are issues that we need to examine before blamming it on hormones or getting these crazy devices or supplements.



    maybe masturbation is not your problem, have you had a look at your sugar levels? Whats your diet like? Do you drink a lot of caffeinated or sweetened drinks? Are you active? Are you living a meaningful life?



    my blood sugar was normal…i think i eat well…i don’t drink large amounts of caffeinated drinks

    BUT i’m not active and i don’t have a meaningful life

    i’m in a faculty that i do hate…i fail in my exams



    is watching porn without masturbating harmful?



    At least it doesn’t do anything good. Most likely watching porn in any situation is degenerating to your body and mind, and affects negatively on the whole the society and its sexual development.



    Dude this is what you need to do: Find another hobby that will distract you from porn and all this negative thinking (yes, watchign porn without ejaculation is bad). Make sure you SLEEP AT LEAST 8 HOURS A NIGHT! This is huge! I also have sleep problems, and all this anxiety makes it worse, but trust me if you sleep well you will be able to recover way faster and you’ll feel 100 times better. This will help with your memory, anxiety, and everything else. I’ve been using the Nature Made Sleep pill to help me sleep and I suggest you use that or some other natural sleep pill with l-theanine or something that will help relax your mind. Tai chi and/or yoga is also very good for this. I’d try to get some exercise and do all the other stuff.

    There’s a lot of important stuff to do, but the one thing that I think will make a huge difference for you is getting 8 hours of a quality sleep a night. Hope things work out man, I feel your pain



    Watching porn can be bad if you do it to much. It really does desensitize you to real girls. It can also kinda make you lazy in pursuing girls cuse u can always satisfy your craving back in your room. Not to mention its your addiction to porn and masterbation that got you here in the first place so while you figure out your problems hopefully through blood testing you might as well try to kick the habit.

    I no it can be hard especially when sexual frustration kicks in but try and not beast on it. I didnt watch porn or masterbate all summer and basically everytime I was with my EX i could get erections and have sex. I think its cuse I saved all my sexual energy for her that did it. anyway good luck



    does anyone have bad knees?




    Yes and definitely it s does hurt you [ FROM EXPERIENCE], especially when you are exhausted and tired with the Sexual exhaustion symptoms

    we need to know that it will push you to a certain point where you will ejaculate again

    not to mention it increase the risk of burning your testosterone to feed and wage your desire and when you leave the computer you feel weak and miserable

    try to avoid it…and prevent your self from looking at it




    If you abstain and you still have bad knees… you need to consume good amount of CalciumMagnuism

    through Milk , eggs , Nuts

    and get enough Vitamin D through sunlight 15-20 minutes daily

    fish oil may also help if the weak knees are from high inflammation and stress hormones 3grams a day….

    try to wear a knee padbandage

    similar to this pic



    deficiency of what causes weak muscle tone?

    what causes cracking joints?




    It could be from low magnesium & Calcium and Vitamin D …zinc could be suspected and selenium , but thyroid and adrenals-pituitary-Testicles are also the reason of our misery

    for the joints issue i think according to my knowledge that low lubrication that is induced by high stressover masturbation caused this symptom, free radicals are also suspected

    so add some sesame oilcoconut olive oil to your joint + take 3-4 table spoon of one of these oils to enhance the flexibility of your joints

    Fish oil is also a great supplement you can add but check for the EPADHA levels where the highre the figure the better



    the only thing which helps me is vitamin b complex injections , its really hard to stop masturbation , for me its impossible , i also have lost everything , my knees also very thin , its all because of masturbation …….

    so what is the current position in this thread ????



    Testosterone, total

    Estradiol Sensitive









    T3, Total

    T4, Total

    T3, Free


    T3, Reverse

    TSH,3rd Generation

    Saliva cortisol x 4.

    thats where its headed.



    I am in the fucked up path, severe insomnia yes, I dont remenber getting drowsy in bed for at least three years, just moving around in the bed for hours and suddenly get asleep. There isnt hope for me? Do you have any alternatives to death?

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