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    For people who have been dealing with post finasteride related issues, if you have any research which you have done to possible causes why this may be occuring please forward it to am working with Neuroscience in order to present to them information on what damage this drug can do. Once provided with all the research material, I will present to them in order to see if it is possible for clinical study to be conducted examining the immune as well as neurological system impact this drug may have. I have many people who are suffering from this and we are starting to see some trends, but not enough to make any kind of conclusions. I know there is millions of dollars in grants for research available for various research projects. Neuroscience already has a funded project for soldiers coming home with PTSD which I plan on getting involved with soon. I am going to do my best to try to make this happen, but I need the scientific research to convince or have them concidered. Links would be beneficial.

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