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    im pretty near back to normal in terms of getting erections although they still dont last as long as i want n the reason for this i think is precum. my erection is fine and ready for sex but after a while i get pre cum and this kills my erection and if i do get hard enough to penetrate or get wanked off i cum within seconds because i have alrady released precum. how do i stop this so i can maintain an erection, last longer and hopefully satisfy my partner? also, i get morning erections that are rock hard and have been for ages in my sleep i presume.. yet they release no precum at all and would be perfect for sex. however, if i am lying next to my girl and become horny i dont even need to have an erection to release precum n basically im screwed before ive even started. how come i never precum n have perfect erections when i wake up yet with a girl i have precum even without an erection and it messes up any sex i could be having? please reply…

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    what exactly is fight or flight? howd i change it?




    It sounds like our current states are VERY similar indeed. Precum ALWAYS kills my erection. The only thing that helps is cialis at this time. I get less precum and when I do I still remain hard. sex is amazing on it (for me). I had sex for 50 minutes yesterday and didnt allow myself to cum (although I could have). I’m trying to not do this too often in order to prevent further exhaustion.



    wow 50 mins, thats impressive since the most sexually healthy men cant even do that, congrats!



    thanx Max,

    This whole ordeal has been a real struggle…especially cognitively/emotionally, as I’m sure many of us are aware of. I hate relying on pharmaceuticals…but when I take cialis (and its the only “one” that really works for me) I feel “normal” again. That feeling of “normalcy is such a wonderful thing. I hope one day I won’t have to rely on the drug…but in the meantime it’s a very helpful option that has enabled me to regain my confidence and sexuality



    well thats definitely good to hear shanny. did your doctor prescribe it to you.



    doctors will prescribe anything these days (yes he did)

    went into a walk in clinic…described my symptoms (in essence educated him as they really have no idea (i’m generalizing)). He gave me a sample and a prescription. I wanted cialis as I tried viagra and levitra with mixed results. In addition, cialis lasts 72 hours whereas the the others last 8 or so. In my experience, cialis can last for up to 4 or 5 days (the effects).



    lol doctors

    is taladifial another name for cialis? i heard its super viagra or so they say



    Isn’t the problem basicly just premature ejaculation? I’ve heard using more 5 Htp is supposed to be good for that (I thought I read that somewhere on this board). Why don’t you try using some beforehand?



    I’m not sure if that question is directed toward me? Regardless, cialis definately helps my PE…in fact I don’t have PE when taking it…I just hate it as I realize it’s a short term solution….sigh



    its that super erection that makes PE go away really. unless u suffer from anxiety performance or something



    shanny, how would i get hold of cialis cheaply? n 8 days sounds amazing…. are you taking supplements to get over the exhaustion aswell as taking the cialis? swear i hate myself sometimes, gets me down… ive pretty much fixed the erection diffuculties with the suppplement but im scared to come off them because i dont know how i will be, but pre cum n PE is taking away all the good feelings of getting better because with this it doesnt matter that i can get hard because i cant stay hard after the precum sets in



    cialis never really worked for me.. i wanna try liquid one sometime

    viagra on the other hand has helped my some times, but not every time

    when it didn’t i got erections while walking on the street with my girl, not when i was in bed with her

    kinda sucked lol



    Cialis worked great for me initially, but it doesn’t at the moment.

    I was probably heading for exhaustion and when I got the initial signs of se I kept taking it, too much I guess.

    This may have made my situation worse, I don’t know.

    All I cantell you guys is don’t take to much of it. It might exhaust you even more. Or it might not I don’t know.

    I just wish it would still work for me.



    i still have to try levitra

    if the tadalafil or sildenafil youre a non responder, try this one

    i will anytime soon, just to see its effect

    there is also some sex pills on the market, discontinued by the FDA

    they contain derivates of the above chemicals

    vigor-25 contained piperidenafil (heard good stuff about this pill)

    so theyre still experimenting with new chemicals



    Yes you can go a long time with alcohol because alcohol numbs your brain and helps the serotonin system. But it’s not recommended for daily practice.

    Have you tried the usual borage and fish oil routine?

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