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    why the f**k do i sometimes find myself walking around and leaking precum, when ive had no stimulation at all? whats up with that? im on oils and the lot, surely that souldnt be happenin… on a side note, although i thought i was pretty much cured because of the supplements (we now knows thats bollocks and they onlyhide the symptoms) and can get erect fine i had a weekend away with the girlfriend this weekend n took along some generic cialis just to make sure, awesome!

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    tht generic cialis i took for the weekend had such a positive effect on me, i havent felt like i did this weekend for nearly 2 years now… my girl has said she noticed such a difference, my confidence, cockiness, self esteem and mood all lifted to what it should be and would be if i were healthy. it has been a double edged sword tho, i have realised the person i can be and realised i can like myself again and be who i want to, but sent me further down with the realisation that i am not that person at the moment and no matter what i try apart from the cialis, is helping me



    how hard are these pills on the liver?

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