PREGNENOLONE cured me…for 1 week.

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    Have you had any lab work done before? do you have hormone test results?

    You can’t just go taking something blindly without having lab work done first. Well you can but its not the smartest route.

    The fact that it worked for two weeks is good. Means you definitely have low cortisol and that cortisol is a big contributor to some of your symptoms. 5 mg seems like a really small dose, but I cant argue with results. Maybe your cortisol is not that low to begin with and that dose helped enough.

    why did it stop working? could be many reasons.

    It could be that you depleted your cortisol a bit more after you had sex and drank, and so now 5 mg is not enough, and perhaps you need to try a higher dose.

    It could be that you are hypothyroid as well, besides having low cortisol, and since everything in this system interacts, maybe your low t3 or low testosterone are still overwhelming your now normal cortisol, and the good results don’t last. Another reason is that the pregnenolone could be driving your estradiol up. I don’t know if your estradiol is high or not, but since you mentioned shrinkage I bet it is, and so the preg could be driving it even higher making you feel worse. It could be a ton of reasons really.

    You need to get blood work done. You need to see where your cortisol is at without the pregnenolone and where its at at the 5 mg dose. If cortisol is not ideal after 5 mg then you probably need more. If cortisol looks good on 5 mg then look at whats happening with thyroid, testosterone, estradiol. Typically the order of doing thigs is –> fixing adrenals first (like you’re doing), then thyroid, then lowers estradiol (E2), and then fixing testosterone and neurotransmitters. So if your thyroid (t3) is low, then you need to get on that once you’ve found a good dose of pregnenolone.

    Another thing though, if you have really high estradiol like I do, its best to not even experiment with pregnenolone because it may take the wrong pathway in the body and drive E2 even higher and you’ll feel even worse for some time. You can get on Cortef safely though. It doesn’t affect E2. If the preg is making you feel like shit now you can try Cortef 5 mg in the morning. But do that only after you’ve gotten all blood work done.

    You need to constantly be retesting yourself and observing changes in all hormones on various doses of different supps/meds. Its the only way otherwise you dont know what the F*ck is going on in your body and you dont know what to do if suddenly you start feeling worse.

    Post your results when you have them.

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    you probably need to boost thyroid hormone as well

    preg + thyroid hormone.

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