Premature Ejac, Seminal leakage, PC Muscle weak… Help!!!

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    I did lot of masturbation like since when i was a teen and i m sufering from very premature ejeculation – hardly 1/2 a minute you can say is the time to come. While kising and fondling girl or thinking abt sex crystal white water keeps coming out from penis. Moreoever, I have been trying to contract my PC Muscle a LOT to maintain errection and i think it has become much weaker as well.

    Please help me in getting it right!

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    You’re going to have to do a lot of work for yourself



    pls guide in the right direction. i am willing to do anything to get it right.



    Do this, this will be a great start.

    im betting your Testosterone / Estraidol is not balanced.

    also inflammation of your prostate.

    also low magnesium, zinc, and of course gaba and sertonin..

    get a test for these so we know where you stand

    Quest Diagnostics

    Total testosteorne

    Free testosterone

    Bioavaiable testosterone

    Esttrodial – ultra sensitive essay <29 range











    Free t-3

    Free t-4

    Reverse T-3

    Thryoid binding globulin

    TPO – Antithyroid Peroxidase Antibody

    TGaB – Thyroid globulin antibodie

    Cortisol binding globulin

    Cortisol am total and free

    24 hour cortical urine test


    CMP with liver panel




    Lipid profile


    Free insulin

    Fasting insulin

    C-reactive protein



    Serum Copper:


    – FIA™ Comprehensive Profile 5000

    Genova Diagnostics

    Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis




    Years of masturbating/porn heavily together with stressful life, and possibly other unhealthy habits can make us so messed up, it will take years to recover. Usually there are some sort of mental and physical conflicts in the body.

    Unfortunately there is no simple solution for what to do, every case is unique. Search the forum and test what works for you best. Relaxing and breathing practices I recommend to everyone.

    It took me many years to get where I am now, I basically masturbate/ejaculate when I feel horny and otherwise practice wide variety of methods to stay calm and relaxed.

    It is very important to understand if there is little or none recharging many of the methods including abstaining does not work. Then work harder to bring the body back to balance. I consider eating, relaxing, breathing, energy usage , mental attitude the most important aspects in healing. Those who lead a simple life will advance more quicker.



    I remembered two more important points worth mentioning to further explain my case.. I remember I had well.. good enough stamina before this prem-ejac thing started to appear in my life.. I applied olive oil once before intercourse After that i felt major change of climax reaching stamina. Secondly sometimes in hot summer days, when i do not urinate for quite a long time say from morning till evening.. some white fluid appears to be mixed up in the urine . ( I reckon thas what max had pointed out.. as prostrate inflamation)

    One more important thing.. whenever i go for an intercourse before when i am due for urination, e.g. in the mornings, my ejaculation time is hardly a minute. But i noticed, when i dont have the urge to urinate, i went for an intercourse and it lasted for like over ten minutes .. but that has happened only once or twice in the previous year at present, the urination factor does effect the timing but not a LOT as i told it happened once or more.

    @Max, what i understood from ur post.. please correct me if am wrong: I need to get a medical report of the tests from “Total testosteorne” until “Serum Copper:” as mentioned in the list.. I am sorry for sucha dumb question but i think i am knda confused on things u mentioned: “SpectraCell ” – FIA™, Comprehensive Profile 5000, Genova Diagnostics.. Are they medicines or test i need to get.

    @, i ll be exploring the forum as much as i could in finding a way out



    those are blood test you need to have done… Quest, Genova, Spectracell are the different labs that do those type of tests..

    most important one is the Quest one, you need at least all the sex hormones ( total / free testosterone, estraidol, DHEAS, prolactin, TSH, Free t3, Free t4, etc. )

    it would be best if you could get them all done

    just print that sheet out and show your doctor you want all those tests.

    Yang is right it can take literally years,, its been 5 years for me, but its only been since i started getting lots of blood test and seeing a very open minded doctor; where i finally got on a solid protocol that works!




    Stop using computer and tv. Try to live more normal life if you sit in front of computer more than 2 hours / day. It’s been reported this can heal people completely. For some reason, computer usage tends to make all the problems more severe and cause stress.



    Sorry, but what is the source of this information and how exactly is exessiv computer usage supposed to increase symptoms and cause stress?

    I ask, because I always expierience an strong improvement in my condition when I am completely away from PC/TV for some days or weeks, but I can not really explain why using it affects me negative. Most people use the computer for several hours everyday without getting symptoms and stress from it.



    I think that PC is worse off than the TV. the main issue is the unnatural posture, eye floaters and the extra pressure on the prostate.



    My impression is more, that constant PC use can overstimulate the visual nerves somehow. By this constant unnatural overstimulation it inflicts chronic stress on the central nervous system.

    In the book “Healing and Light” by John N. Ott he writes about the unhealthy and even damaging effect that artifical light, especially from tv/Computer screens can have on the human organism. I think he even states, that some people have kind of a allergic reaction on electro magnetic waves.



    I agree 100%



    There seems to be a new emerging condition which would explain the bad effect of computeruse and maybe even (some of) or symptoms:





    Believe me, I work with with engineers and see people who use computer 15 hours a day every day.

    It´s terrible what it can do to you.

    it is probably the bad posture, excessive sitting, constantly thinking and observing the screen, pressure on the pelvic muscles, blocked breathing, anti-social behaviour,…

    computers are not necessarily bad, if you just find a way to overcome the symptoms. it seems to also hit some people more than others.




    First of all, read up on ‘pre-cum leakage’ on Dr. Lin’s site. I think it has something to do with lack of serotonin to modulate your functions. In this case, you need more 5 HTP or tryptophane. My favorite is brewer’s yeast because it contains very high amounts of tryptophane which gets converted into serotonin.

    Secondly, if I heard you right, you said you clench your prostate to maintain your erection. That’s not good because what you’re doing is you’re forcing testosterone to bind to your prostate, causing it to enlarge. What you should be doing is anal breathing to cause the testoterone to bind to your tailbone, to create a better chi flow. Read up on anal breathing on Dr. Lin’s site as well. Believe me, it works. It’s not bs.



    Premature ejaculation has genetic cause too : Dr Waldinger’s team proves the 5-HTTLPR gene is implicated in premature ejaculation.



    hey jim

    could you please post any studies you have on this?

    we never hear that much from you and when we do you have some awesome stuff so please post it

    thx in advance man



    I have the same problems as the thread starter mentionned. I also get fast pre-cum. Any help? I want to try a recovery soon. It’s hard then you think when you are a teenager and get so excited after watching porn or watching a girl that is hot.

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