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    How many of you in this forum are still seeing/addicted to pornography?

    Let’s just be honest here and come clean… I will start with myself.

    I have reduced porn but I am not yet in a position to say with 100% confidence that I am no longer a porn addict. I am still working on it. It will take some time..

    I believe giving up porn COMPLETELY is a major key in recovering… So we got to work on that along with supplements, diet, and exercise..

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    Im like you i have reduced my porn watching significantly, but i have never had complete control.



    I’ll have to admit, it’s not easy but I’m working on it this summer.



    Yes, when I finally decide to masturbate I have no control to stop doing it with porn ( lately I do it too much, many hours ).

    The bad point is, that it is then when you finally start having some energy in your system, higher libido, spontaneous and morning erections, good emotions and “love”-energy, there would be recharging even higher speed. The more better condition you are, the more faster is the recharging rate.

    porn can force oneself to always use these accumulated energies, when the person has no control over his rising sexual abilities. Also, it can create a vicious circle where one has no motivation at all to get better in the first place. There are lot of men like that. Watching these images and videos can also force oneself to ejaculate ( igniting the prostate I think ) when one has beforehand decided not to do so in that day.



    i havent watched any porn in a few months now and i think its completley out of my system.



    i am also a weak man

    when my girl is on her period i browse porn

    after the week i dont for another three weeks

    it’s pretty much ok i feel



    The increased spring libido and energy together with porn watching created an illusion that somehow my system would recharge in 3-4 days fully ( without any symptoms ). Well, actually it did for some time until the energy which is responsible for healing and restoration ran out. was right when he told me I will have a setback on my health.

    Its one week now since last masturbation/ejaculation but I´m not near where I was couple of months ago when having 2-3 weeks cycles. I have begun doing more meditation to help me break this habit and adopt longer cycles again. Not symptoms, but there is not this burning feeling on my stomach and drive any longer in reasonable amounts, I want that feeling back. I have to keep that two weeks cycle which is well proven to work on my body.

    Can you please expound more on “energy” that you are referring to? I have seen it many times in your posts and am interested to know more about it. I am sure it goes beyond the normal physical energy..

    … and by 2 week cycles do you mean ejaculating once in 2 weeks?



    Energy can have many meanings:

    Sometimes it is easier to just speak about energy instead when i.e. running out of vitality and strength after masturbation instead of talking that “I´ve ran out of neurochemicals, hormones, …. “. So energy can be a general term that is easy to use. Just like they talk about atomic energy, electrical energy, potential energy we do not need to go to granular specifics every time just easy to speak of energy. I do not have also an electron microscope in my home so I can not exactly tell whats going on in my body.

    In TCM and taoist teachings, energy is also an another term for the life-force, or current that runs through the body in so called channels or meridians. When there is stagnations or deficiencies in the flow of energy, the corresponding organ will cause symptoms. When the life-force is low, you will become more dead like ( cold body, not talkative, pale face, you begin to act and look like elderly ) almost like there is no “life” in your system. When the energy is full people are more child like ( very yang, active, warmth in the body, smiling eyes, want to do things, powerful breathing and voice,… ). So energy is the stuff that ultimately keeps you alive, the heart needs current energy to keep pumping, liver and stomach needs energy to assimilate and produce the nutrients and so and on. When energy starts going down, health will fall apart because there is not enough energy to do all essential tasks effectively. Like said, physical and emotional stagnation needs to be taken care of also.

    So the qi and energy can be another term for the neurochemicals, hormones and whatever runs in the system, but ultimately there is the part which is not measurable or diagnosed with any tools ( how can one measure life ). Living things have energy, dead things do not have energy. Why do people get energy when they eat foods if there is not energy in the ( dead ) food. Because breathing absorbs energy ( the qigong means breathing work or something like that ) and breathing + digestive system will nourish the body. Powerful lungs will generate high amounts of energy in the body, people with weak lungs will have all kind of weakness and disease.

    From wiki it states qi = Qi is believed to be part of every living thing that exists, as a kind of “life force” or “spiritual energy.” It is frequently translated as “energy flow,” or literally as “air” or “breath.

    Yes, the ejaculation cycle mean how often one ejaculates. Everyone has his own ideal rate. There are many general guidelines like the ( biological age / 5 ) formula, or once every two weeks, or 1 ejaculation in every tenth copulation ( those who can practice sex without ejaculation ). Trial and error method is needed here.



    Wow… thanks for the comprehensive info Ying.

    If I can condense your entire reply about energy into 1 sentence it would look like this -> Energy means the Life Force!

    That makes sense as to why someone on the road to healing should control ejaculation frequency. The herbs, supplements, diet, exercise, rest etc all come on top of the energy foundation I guess.

    I have one important question -> Assume that I preserve the life force (energy) via limited ejaculation and also restore my body back to its healthful state thru supplements. What happens at this point? Would I still need to continue with my supplements (fish oil, borage oil, maca, ginseng… etc)? What would happen if I just quit taking the supplements after I recover? If I have to take the supplements all the time in order to have proper sex then is it not equivalent of taking medication like Viagra or Cialis?






    these oils and others are very good for your system. they have numerous health benefits and nourish the human body as a whole. if your body collapses then everything else is going to go down the drain. in one sense they indirectly aid in erection/libido etc…



    you have completely recovered right? was there ever a period when you stayed away from taking supplements? if yes did you see any decline in your sexual function?

    btw, how helpful was maca to you?



    You think fish and borage oil is both necessary to take for life? How much of each. For borage, I’ve always heard 1g taken 3x daily(so 3g total) and for fish, I’ve always heard 1g of EPA nad 1g of DHA daily. I want to know how much should be taken because I’ve heard alot of side effects of taking too much of either fish oil or borage oil like blood in your snot when you blow your noes, lowered libido, easily bruised, thinned blood causing excessive bleeding, etc…So knowing how much is too much is important.

    it depends what you’re using it for. low doses (2-3g) have their use and high doses (10+) have their uses as well. some of the symptoms you mentioned are possible if you’re taking a very high dosage long-term- because of depletion of vitamin K in the case of nose bleeding-

    fish oil (or krill oil) and another form of GLA- I prefer Black Currant Oil- is something I’d consider taking long-term because of health myriads.



    you have completely recovered right? was there ever a period when you stayed away from taking supplements? if yes did you see any decline in your sexual function?

    btw, how helpful was maca to you?

    I didn’t notice any decline. my whole body was functioning very well and yes maca was definitely helpful.


    This is what I wanted to know…. So once the body gets back to its normal state all that we got to do is maintain it and not fall back to the old bad habits..

    PS: did you get your maca from rootofthematter site?

    yep you need to be patient, coz it will take time, and you should also look into any hormonal issues and solve these if they exist.

    LOL, thats where I got it from. I was about to send you a PM, but yeah there you go.

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