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    Let me tell you what happens if you are trying to quit an addiction:

    the level of the neurotransmitter called dopamine will decrease and this means quitting any addiction can result in flu like symptoms,depression etc. etc. etc. in short you will shit.

    Once you managed to give up your addiction you will feel like a hero.You will have a self-control that most people only dream about and from that point you COULD quit heroin or anything dangerous.

    But there is a golden rule: one at a time.

    Start with the addiction that you feel it has the mildest effects on you.

    For me this means the easiest is porn and the thoughest will be computer.

    As a man who succesfully put down smoke 48 days ago I can tell you how to stop porn addiction:

    -you don’t say “this will be the last day I masturbate and from tomorrow it’s just the past”

    NO.You,over there,just stop it.If you are in the middle of the act,stop it.Use your willpower.

    -there’s a high chance that you will experience withdrawal symptoms like should take magnesium before going to sleep.let’s say start with 125-250 mg and if you feel it doesn’t work and you also don’t experience trouble on the toilet then up the dose.I don’t think you should go above 500 mg before sleep.let that be the MAX.

    it helped my sleep.I thought I would need to take it to the rest of my life to get a frigging sleep but one day I felt that I just don’t need to take magnesium to have a sleep and since then I’m not taking it.

    about the flu like symptoms.don’t worry they are normal.vitamin C or any medical supplements,antibiotics won’t need to feel worse before you get better. [doesn’t mean vitamin C is bad,you should also take it – 1000-2000 mg daily]

    agression: what worked for me doesn’t mean it works for everyone.30 minutes of light cardio. like if you have a stationary bike at home that’s perfect! try to keep your pulse around 120-140 bpm.


    masturbation: don’t stress about how many times you masturbate! read the golden rule again!

    don’t try to squeeze your penis to get more blood in there!!! and you must use alternate hands each time.this can be a reason for ed,because you used to your strong grip and a girls hand,mouth,pussy might not have that strong squeeze and this can permanently leave you fucked up.

    so go soft and alternate hands.

    look at the guys who get the hottest girls,look at the nerds who can get pussy: it sucks doesn’t it? everyone gets the pussy but not you,because you’ve choosen porn instead of pussy.


    pack your porn mags,vhs,cd-s,DVD-s and throw ’em in the trash can!

    you will feel light as if you took a huge dump.

    but believe me this is just the easy part.

    the harder part is when you are sitting in front of a computer,or spending an average afternoon in front of the tv and you came accross a channel showing Baywatch.

    that’s a shitty situation,right? for this reason I’m telling you to only watch tv WITH COMPANY and have enough willpower not to wander on the internet.

    as you progress with quitting porn and using only your imagination to masturbate,things will get hot.

    if only naked women turned you on,you will be at danger when seeing a hot women in lingerie.later with progressing you will feel the same thing when watching a fully dressed woman.

    you see how this is going backwards? like when you haven’t watched porn? this is the whole will have erections before the girl even,huh?

    IF the situation gets hot and you just can’t resist to watch porn immediately get off the computer,tv and jerk it off to calm yourself down.

    You must use your imagination and you must not think about any picture you’ve stored in your head about this bad habit.

    Imagination is for imagening a situation about you and a WOMAN you really dig.NOT A porn STAR! An average woman from next door.

    We slowly reverse the effects of this bad habit,when you first started wanking in your bed or on the toilet thinking about the chick from school and later the mags of hot babes,the vhs decade and finally hardcore porn addiction.YOU MUST REVERSE THIS.

    SO anytime you feel you can’t take it and must watch porn start masturbating and use that imagination well.

    Getting rid of the bad habit masturbation will be the next step but just go slowly.I will tell everything on how to stop masturbation but first you need to get rid of addictions and become a human being not a freaking robot doing the same thing infront of the screen.

    Reward yourself!

    Addiction means that the reward circuit has been abused.

    Instead of getting a candy once a week for being a good student in school you started to get one everyday,then you weren’t a good student and your grades became worse but you still demanded the candy everyday and so on and so on…you ended up watching porn everyday and you became agressive if you can’t have your dose.You see the coonection between this and tobacco? I experienced the same shit and you will need to have a supportive family by your side but once you complete this challenge life will have a meaning again!

    Use music! HAVE A WIDE VARIETY OF FAVORITE MUSIC.Don’t listen to one all the time,again abusing something.

    This is where I felt B vitamins help much with having motivation.

    So when you feel you’re giving up put your favorite music on,turn it up f***ing loud and pump up yourself,think about how you will look in the future after spending your time working out,living stress free,free of siting in front of a screen and jerking of and having a pussy to fill when you want to! IT WORKS!

    Talking about rewarding yourself,I mean start going to parties every- or every other Saturday for example.

    Don’t forget you will need to make a lifestyle change.Get a new hobby! Fishing? Tennis? Cycling?

    You must change your lifestyle otherwise you will end up failing everytime.

    The joy of Sunshine,the feeling of breeze,the sight of something spectacular.






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    It’s been 4 days since I watched porn and I’m going through intense withdrawal I think.

    Don’t say it was only 4 days because I’ve been teasing myself with constant popping links saved in the browser.

    “Am I strong enough to not click on it?”

    Yes,I am.And I also feel suicidal now.Today I had constant health anxiety,lethargy,sadness.

    I feel the same as when I quit smoking.This is horrible but I know that this is my brain trying to trick me to make that dopamine level happy,and watch some porn. NO!

    I’m already seeing benefits.For instance on a community site if I see a beautiful girl now I’m looking at her face instead of checking the legs,ass and tits.If your a porn addict you won’t know how great this feels till you quit it.

    And this is just a freaking community site.Imagine what this does in real life.Instead of watching a hot babe from a distance and thinking “Damn I would F*ck her hard” you would go “That girl looks really pretty I wonder if I could get to know her?”

    So there you have it.I have to listen to Mozart and walk up-and-down in my room,constantly warming my frozen hands due to anxiety.

    But in the end it will worth it.

    To not think about how fucking great I would feel to have sex with a hot women like in a porn movie but actually think about how happy I could make her feel with love and passion.

    But please,make this depression go away pleeeeeease!



    I quitted porn (2 months ago) and I am feeling well.

    But I can’t sleep like I do in the past.After reading your message now I know it’s a withdrawal symptom.

    I’m going to take some magnesium before going to sleep.



    Podría ser, el insomnio es un síntoma muy común asociado con desintoxicaciones y adicciones, aparte de con perturbaciones en los neurotransmisores o el ciclo de la serotonina-melatonina (regido por el Sam-E). El magnesio en mi experiencia no funciona para esto. Yo de tí probaría con melatonina o algo más específico para dormir.



    Magnesium works but for some 200-400 is not enough, as for serotonin it takes for days to build up + having a good sleep scheduling .

    in my point of view, adrenal fatigue is the main cause, were when the cortisol spikes at night it allows more cortisol to be cellular thus your thyroid becomes more active into the cells and your body becomes energetic while your are exhausted and even your sleep becomes restless .

    the re-balancing of adrenal can be with continuous routine of waking at 6-8 AM and going to bed at 9-11 PM. Up till now i tried 5HTP, Magnesium citrate, DHEA, melatonin ….none worked as i wanted or expected

    the best way is to be stress free, and then go to bed

    that’s what worked for me



    Shell, you said. “in my point of view, adrenal fatigue is the main cause, were when the cortisol spikes at night it allows more cortisol to be cellular thus your thyroid becomes more active into the cells and your body becomes energetic while your are exhausted and even your sleep becomes .

    the re-balancing of adrenal can be with continuous routine of waking at 6-8 AM and going to bed at 9-11 PM”

    I agree.

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