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    Interesting and I bet anyone who has used porn here extensively will agree with every word.

    Just because you think porn is bad and should be avoided doesn’t mean you are anti sex!

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    I agree 90% what is written in that text, not many men even admit they have a porn problem. However I do not agree fully that humans are entirely slaves to their senses like animals. We can make a conscious choice do what we want. This is very important when we think whose responsibility or whos fault is our health problems. We have to think we are entirely alone responsible for our actions.

    What was funny was this text:

    “In one afternoon at the computer a man can view a cornucopia of erotica – more visual erotica than a hunter-gatherer ancestor would have seen in a lifetime. In short, a single afternoon of porn constitutes a binge from the primitive part of the brain’s perspective.”

    Now, how much the porn + masturbation actually burn energy from our glands? If taoist regarded ejaculation a very high source of energy loss, and we have noticed on our own research that it is the porn which actually cause some serious symptoms immediately.

    If one afternoon we see more stimulating erotica than caveman in his whole lifetime. When there is much more entertainment which stimulate our senses, together with modern stress and incorrect eating patterns, it is easy to see that energy weaknesses, mental disorders, sexual dysfunctions, endocrine burn outs, memory and attention problems, porn addicts, anger, hate, anti-social behaviour… are rising every year in modern society. It is wrong to think that men have done such things from the beginning of time since it is not true. TV’s, computers, porn, magazines, even modern music are relatively new things. If you have seen porn pictures ( or rather paintings ) of older than 40-100 years you know what I mean.

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