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    Hello all, I suffer from weak erection and have been on supplements for two weeks.

    I am on- 200mg of Huperzine A, 1300 mg of Alpha GPC, 2000mg of L-Arginine, 8 grams of Lecithin, and 750 mg of Acteyl L-Carnintine, plus a Mega Man multivitamen

    First of all, Im ejaculating more than I should, which needs to stop,I know this.

    Moving on, I think this is because my libido is strong from the l-arginine and maybe something else. This is a plus, but also a negative. I know I can cut back the ejaculation, I just have to be more dedicated.

    Next, I am experiencing hard erections for a short period of time. I do not know if this is a benefit of the supplements or not. I know many people on this forum don’t have the engine to get an erection…so am I on the right track to recovery? If you can get it up to a hard full erection, that has to be a plus, right?

    Everything else seems to be the same, any recommendations on my dosages or what I should be doing? Any support?


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    that sounds good. if u can get a hard erection without too much manual stimulation or are starting to have ones and y’re libido is improving thats good. you really have to find a way to control yourself otherwise you’re just severly limitng you healing. 2 weeks is not a very long time. but there is progess so keep it up and be patient




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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