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    think im very slowly getting better but not sure on alphagpc l-arginine ginkgo biloba fish oil and tribulus…. anyway, finally my order from dr. lin i ordered a month ago arrived today! viagrowth III moodmax and duramax, anyone tried this? reckon i shud add these to my supplements im taking already? quite intrigued to see how this goes

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    n hows everyone else doing?

    what you taking and what ya results? we gotta lot of talk bout what to take on here but very little update on members progress etc.



    what makes u say u’re not sure of the supplements. if there is improvement even if its slight then thats a good start.

    you might wanna try combining alpha gpc with acetyl l carnitine



    its the dr. lin ones im not sure on



    most pple got worse after taking dr lin’s stuff. some did improve though



    i got worse on hgh-e

    drove me up the wall

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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