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    I thought I’d share this with the forum since Dr. Lin’s advice is relied upon from time to time. A few months ago I was very desperate about making a recovery so I decided to make a purchase on When I was browsing through the site, I came to list of “experts” and thought I would do a quick google search to see if any of them existed in the real world. And as you might guess, google turned up nothing but Lin’s various websites. I took it one step further, and since I work in a pharmacy, I have access to a database of all registered practitioners in the US. I searched all 10 “experts” in the database and low and behold, none of the “doctors” were even found. This means none of Lin’s “doctors” are liscened to practice in the US, nor have they ever been, not even the “MD”s Lin has listed on his expert panel. Digging deeper on the issue, I decided to e-mail some of the MDs on the website and ask for some explanations. When I recieved replies, they all seemed to come from the same person who’s english was very poor. I was told that I could only speak with a “representative” of the MD and that contacting the MD directly would be impossible (I wonder why…). I was infuriated since I had made a purchase for an over-priced, under-effective product of Lin and his “expert” panel.

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    his products are spam but his theories are quite solid nonetheless.



    herbolove is not run by Dr.Lin, actionlove and his other sites (healthtao, actiontao, linplaza etc. are run by him)

    Some of those so call experts are not medical doctors I believe thus you can’t find them on databases.



    I believe Dr.Lin’s theories are partly correct, maybe even mostly correct, but I don’t believe he is above making stuff up to fill in the blanks.

    Anyone as deceitful as he is in selling his products would surely make-up parts of his theories to fill in the blanks. So I wouldn’t go so far as to call all his theories solid. For example, he never used to talk about adrenal fatigue, which is obviously a VERY large part of the problem. But he does now.

    His answers have changed of the last 3 years that I have been watching. If his theories were 100% correct, he wouldn’t have to change his answers.

    So I take everything he says with a grain of salt and try to find other sources that more or less agree.



    ive emailed him in the past 6 times… described the same condition and been told a diffent solution every time.



    I remember back when he didn’t know what eye floaters were until he were getting e-mails from people. Then he later iincorporated it and talks about it a lot.

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