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    Has anyone on this forum ever tried an internal prostate massage? I’ve heard many great things about it but I’m hesitant to try it for obvious reasons.

    Personally, I think 80% of our problem is a dysfunction of the prostate. I know that’s the first thing I noticed when I first started getting this.

    Could that dude be right in that an internal massage will help circulation and allow all the supplements everyone keeps talking about to do what they need to do?

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    Orange Julius

    Well, considering that a regular body massage is great for your lymphatic(clears out the stagnant lymph node fluids) and muscle(uric acid) system, I would have to assume that a prostate massage is also good for maintaing a healthy, clear prostate. There have been some great success stories about having them done as it stimulates and gets rid of all the stagnant bacteria and fluids that contribute to prostatitis and other conditions. I, myself, have not had it done but investigating it more to understand what are the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages(don’t want to damage anything up there, in there) of it.

    There are some devices that are used that will massage the prostate gently to keep it healthy.



    i think it may help, although the prostate is very sensitive and can be easily damaged. stil reading about this. reflexology for the prostate is a good idea however. I just had my first lesson yesterday.



    Orange Julius

    I can say based on my experiences that physical stagnations and blood circulation problems can cause disease and problems. My right ( mouse ) hand did use to get icy cold after several hours of using computer and there was a radiating pain through my arm and shoulder. I did link this to my alternating breathing problems, headache and excess phlegm in the lungs.

    I have solved that issue relieving the pressure on my right hand when using the mouse, doing whole body massage and stretching every evening before going to bed, and avoid being in postures when one body part is under constant pressure for too long. I also do various yoga positions infrequently. There are many men reporting increased health when staying away from computers.

    It is really important that the blood and energy flows smoothly in body.

    I do not know about the prostate massage though, there have been both positive and negative feedback from it. I personally think that there is no need to massage ones prostate from inside since there are yoga postures and others to take care of the abdominal area. If you do it, be aware that you do not use too much force to destruct the tissues there.

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