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    Yes i agree it is a catch-22 situation, i think the best way to do it is treat candida/parasites with a full protocol i.e diet, pre/pro biotics, anti-fungals, herbs, vitamins etc etc while at the very same time support the adrenals with lots of supps too and also the liver. But yes catch-22 indeed, because the problem is they can both cause each other. Luckily for me ive learned pretty much everything i need to know about adrenal fatigue already, as i thought that was the route cause for almost 2 years. It’s not about research or knowledge or brainfog or anything else for me anymore, it’s about money….

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    Yeah im in the same situation. Hypertrophy of research and feedback, atrophy of money (the practical thing) haha Guess its time to really find a work or write that bestseller lol I can also try selling some things I have for a kickstart…



    Lots of info here! Will go through it after college..see ya then, guys.



    @ : Oh my God no…

    If you’re telling me to squat, well, I’m in the perfect country for the use of squatting toilets…this style of elimination is called the Indian style for a reason – we use it more than anyone else in the world! Just as using water to wash oneself instead of toilet paper is proving to be more gentle on the arse, I read the benefits of squatting in your article. All my problems are covered – prostate issues and bladder incontinence, as well as IBS.

    Man, I had an intense hate for this style when I was a kid. Now look at where I ended up. I can’t recall anyone who uses this style having colon problems like I do…it all makes sense now. Goddamnit :'(

    @lee : I was diagnosed with IBS much later, when nothing else was working. Personally, I feel now that I shouldn’t have been put on anti-depressants….that may have made my situation worse. It reduced my excess pooping but it also slowed down my elimination considerably. You’re right about doctors being at a loss when they diagnose one with an irritable bowel. I have trouble explaining to my mom now that IBS is a symptom and not a cause – it is a diagnosis of exclusion. I always had the nagging (disheartening) feeling that everything will be up to me now.

    My first poop of the day is at 6:40 in the morning – sometimes it’s not enough, and I poop again in the afternoon or the evening depending on when I get the slightest feeling. The second time always requires me to apply pressure. I always wake up by 6:30 – I have no choice anymore. Besides, I’m preparing for a Masters in engineering, so waking up at that time during the weekend allows me to study.

    I was on lactobacillus recently for mouth ulcers, that course finished today. I’m still on Enterogermina (Bacillus clausii), one capsule per day. I don’t know when that will ever end. Mom tells me not to jump to conclusions as to whether it works for me or not – she cited other known cases of bowel distress where the person had to take Enterogermina for atleast 1 and a half years before their colon was back to normal.

    YES, I feel that my nutrient intake is inhibited. I feel like I’m pooping my life away. I don’t get enough gains in the gym – it’s been 8 months that I’ve been at it, it’s ridiculous! The dumbells I use are at 7.5 kilograms (for the back pullover exercise I use 10 kilograms) but sometimes I have to go down to 5 kilograms (the amount I started with, I remember my hands used to shake then). I started barbell training a month ago, so I’m currently at 2.5 kilogram plates for those. Dumbell training did strengthen me, I will have to admit.

    It’s like my body has hit a road block or a limit, it doesn’t feel like I’m growing further. My parents feel that my primary reason to gym is fitness, which is true, and that muscles will come with (more) time. They also cite my abject lack of physical activity during childhood and puberty/adolescence as a cause, coupled with junk food mongering. I shouldn’t get disheartened so easily (well sheit, I ain’t growing properly here lol) and should soldier on.

    I have no idea what I should do.

    Also, I looked up this Basal Metabolic Rate calculator at some website, and it said my daily calorific intake should be at 2.5k. I don’t think I’m anywhere near that value. I don’t think my body would even digest such a value. It would explain why I’m not growing though.

    @ : If it’s all about money, I’m doomed for now…lol.



    You need to start with some good probiotic (water kefir its probably the best in terms of allergies, money and strains) you only need to pay for the first batch which its like 10 dollars and from then the kefir its done with sugar, spring water and fruit parts ad infinitum. You also need to start with some digestive aid to ensure/optimize assimilation. Best option and cheapest too its NOW super enzymes. Get it on iherb, the prices are reassonable. This just as a basic start. The kefir grains can be obtained from some hippie owner which normally gift them to strangers thats how I got my first batch lol the kefir grows and grows so its normal that people give it.

    I am gonna get water kefir grains whenever I can (I foolishly dumped that hippie gift months ago) and waiting for my digestive aid. This may sounds like im a desperate idiot playing the expert but guess what, in my toilet its unusual to dont see intact parts of food and I am low in all the vitamins and aminos in blood tests so yeap my assimilation its impaired for sure. I stopped growing at 18, im not short but this fucks me up as I could seriously be a male model with some cms of heightm ore and this illness its screwing my natural good looks. Working fast to see if I can recover something. I have heard of people growing the last sprout even at 23 when they succeed at detoxing and healing. So we are in a similar boat!

    The diet must be super natural and with 70% – 60% of cooked vegetables, excepting the inflamatory ones such as potatoes or peppers and the fruity veggies (those that are watery and have seeds) I can honestly say in this diet my IBS problems (which have been always mild) are ressolved in minor bloating and some burps.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Btw I know a kefir expert that cured Ulcerative Colitis and Prostatitis with kefir d´herba medica enemas. Basically water kefir fermented with the herbs targeted to prostate like lets say nettle root. Im still looking for the original recipe, indeed I am gonna contact the guy, Dominic.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    The guy has a page on kefir grains too: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    In his page you can read in “other uses for kefir”:


    But the link to the explanation doesnt works!! F*ck.



    Got it! [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    This is incredible!! I am gonna do this for sure, I have currently diarreah and mucus discharge, and yes IBS etc. I just need to get kefir grains again, why the F*ck did I lose them, both milk and water grains?? The milk ones developed worms when I left them 2 weeks without care and had to dump it. Damnnnn.

    And no, its not ALL about money, you need the info, the research, the knowledge. We already have that!! But think, now I need 50 dollars or so more to buy the kefir grains and the rest of ingredients and I dont have it yet -__- plus the antifungals etc. Imagine a kefir d´herba medica made with neem leaf and jatoba etc that shit would be a blaster.



    I’m still a bit reluctant about the enemas..I’m going to need supervision for those.

    But kefir…I’m very interested in this. Do I have to get kefir grains and make my own stuff or can I buy readymade kefir?



    You dont need to do the enemas to get some benefits from kefir, of course. I was just thinking out loud.

    Its mandatory to do your own stuff, its cheaper and more powerful. Readymade kefir its usually of milk (bad for us people with digestive trouble) plus pasteurized aka pure garbage. With only spring bottled water and sugar you will be ready to go!



    Some nice links here. I might use milk, water and homemade sauerkraut together throughout the day, so thanks for posting them. I wasn’t going to use water kefir but i can see some benefits which milk kefir dos’nt have.

    I’ll be getting all my milk/water grains from here, not sure if they deliver to Europe though.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Kefir d’Erba Medica looks good, but i would leave out Saw Palmetto as it inhibits DHT and can cause Finasteride like effects, which is worse than S.E/adrenal fatigue IMO.

    What do you think about Coconut milk kefirs? Once you’ve got your water kefir grains established.



    Yeah I think exactly the same about Saw Palmetto, that can trigger some hard shit.

    They say coconut water kefir its stronger for candida. I only only I will drink one liter per day at least and enemas of half a quart everyday



    Kefir its cheap and great and has cured stories as well but if you guys want probiotic capsules to fight IBS the best options are Lactobacillus GG (Culturelle), Sacharomyces Boulardii and Bacillus Coagulans. They are antifungal as well. I knew this since months (lots of lurking) but at that time IBS wasnt a major symptom for me and I support more holistic approachs rather than supplements. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know it. Maybe when I am richer I will add those two, just to be sure.

    Sometimes they work, sometimes not, you need to try. But kefir its a best bet as you can overdose for free and has many strains.



    sacharomyces boulardi always produced a nice formed easy poop and always predictable once a day good shit

    i wanted to try culturelle but haven’t yet and it’s expensive.. i am not focusing on probiotics now

    i will research the other one

    i bet you are low on money now with all supps you tried



    Haha niiiiice XD

    Well for now im done with supplements! Im waiting the ones I have purchased for this last round.



    How are you all, my brothers? Been a while since I posted here…

    Cutting to the point, I’ve started the neem leaves (5-6 every morning, been 3 days) and I’m off lactobacillus now as my mouth ulcers are healed. Still on enterogermina of course, the last time I tried to wane off them my gut got progressively gassier through 3 days, after which I resumed it. Dunno what to do, thinking of continuing till next year atleast…

    I wanted to ask about sitz baths. I had a warm/hot kind of sitz bath yesterday and it was very relieving but I did start feeling pissy after that and my arse burned a bit (either gas or the prostate, no idea). Thing is, I’m not sure of whether this is an irritable bladder or a prostate issue or both. I want to know whether to take warm, cold or lukewarm sitz baths…I’m sure either lee or can shed light on this.

    About saccharomyces boulardii, that bacterium is a part of the probiotic preparation called Darolac which I no longer want to try…the last few times that I did try only caused trouble (read through my post history for details). I suppose taking it isolated or in a different supplement would help but I want a prostate DRE and blood cortisol test done first.

    I had a one on one with dad about my nightfall issues. He encouraged me to masturbate or have sex every now and then if I wished, to alleviate nightfall. My dad is cool but he still doesn’t know my past. I was close to revealing it then but didn’t. Most importantly he told me not to think about these issues because constantly thinking about them increases the problem. That’s gonna be hard…



    Good to know bro! Now I want a doc to prescribe that Bacillus Clauisii I have an appointment soon, hope I can convince that ignorant idiot to prescribe me it (I know that sounds foolish, but would understand me if you knew the doctors of this country). Free probiotics! haha

    You are REALLY lucky with your docs btw. None of my long list would have even thought of prescribing me a probiotic, let alone something so good as a BACILLUS, when things like Enterogermina or Biosporin (Bacillus subtilis and Licheniformis) really could have helped me. I have been degenerating with this malabsorption til today that I am nearly anorexic because I was borned in Spain, for the most part. I know it would have been worse if I were have borned in Somalia but still sucks to know how to cure and cant do it because of place and money. Bacillus in general are powerful strains, it seems, probably due to their spore condition.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I want those two meds and Bacillus Coagulans badly! But which doctor of Spain would prescribe me them? Guess I will be trying the available Coagulans…

    I am afraid I wont be able to light much lol what I know its this: cold water trigger prostate/penile pain for me. I would do warm or warm-hot baths.

    But there is also this info that might be useful for your specific case: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    I have even been in the consult of who its said to be the best digestive surgeon and digestive specialist in this town and famous in the whole country just to be said after touching my belly and after doing the usual useless blood tests that I have no digestive problems even while I told him every symptom including lots of undigested food and completeley undigested fruit. YOU GUYS CANT IMAGINE HOW THAT FEELS KNOWING HOW THINGS COULD HAVE BEEN WITH A REAL HEALER YEARS AGO AND NOT GREEDY, OLD FUCKERS. MAKES ME FEEL VERY VIOLENT TO THINK IN HIM AND ALL THE OTHER DOCTORS I HAVE BEEN WITH. I just feel like smashing his face repeteadly If I ever recover from this and become a naturopath or the like I will shit on them whenever I can and everyone will know what I think of allopathic medicine. Wow I really hate doctors, Mouton and all the urologists, endos etc that practically laughed at my face everytime, they are high in my list of criminal people.



    That’s a lot of negative thought, . Every bit of negative thought causes mental stress, and as well all know, the body sadly does not differentiate between kinds of stress. You’d be better off not thinking about them at all .

    I was lucky only with my GI doc, and he’s the one who finally diagnosed me with IBS. There’s a limit to how much he can help in my case. The urologists were pointless. Neither of them knew my history though.



    I know, Reich, sometimes I let rage drive me, I kind of like the unreal rush of energy its inoculates to my adrenally fatigued body. For sure my life has been negative, on the other hand, so my natural tendency have been greatly enhanced!

    Im ok! I was just looking for Enterogermina and it costs 200 dollars without prescription, how much does it cost to you with recipe? I want to try at least one of these Bacillus.



    USD 200? Woah…it costs around Rs 92 per strip of 4 capsules here with or without prescription. That is roughly around USD 1.6 at the current exchange rate…



    Woooooow you see? That its my luck But I am gonna do it, even with all these difficulties. I was referring to buying it online, I have to check in pharmacies here though… But for sure it is not going to ahve such a low price.



    Well, thing is, the pharmacy that manufactures Enterogermina has an Indian branch – Sanofi Synthelabo. That makes it much easier to acquire it here. Every local chemist I know has Enterogermina in suspension or capsule form.



    Lucky! It seems 200 was clearly overpriced, most of the other pharmacies say 56 dollars or so. I have even found one saying 17 dollars.

    Well… 17 dollars for every 10 ampoules its still an assault… pffff.



    I am looking the generic and its really damn cheap. Thanks for the info!

    Btw did you have diarreah?



    Happy to help

    Also, can you guys suggest a good protein powder? Obviously take into consideration that I have an irritable gut. I don’t think B-Protin is giving me gains as I’d like…I don’t know, mom’s telling me to be more patient but I’m not able to increase weights in the gym as I’d like. Most of the barbell exercises used to be on 7.5 kg dumbells. This is my schedule (considering college 8AM to 3PM) -:

    Monday : Shoulder exercises, 4 sets 10 reps each of rod lifts (2.5 kg plates) front and back, then side arm lifts on 5/7.5 kgs and then lifting the rod (or barbell as you’d call it) to the chin, 2.5 kg plates.

    Tuesday : Chest. 4 sets 10 reps each of flatbench presses and decline bench presses with barbell 2.5 kg plates, incline bench dumbell press 7.5 kgs and then the machine exercise called the butterfly, on 20 kgs.

    Wednesday : Back. 4 sets 10 reps of front and back pulldowns on 30-35 kg weight (this was today, had trouble with the back pulldown), pullover on a flatbench using 10 kg dumbell and lastly, an exercise whose name I don’t know, in which I pull a trapezoid shaped holder which is attached to weights which have to be lifted. This is done by sitting on the far end of the flatbench and pulling the holder back and forth.

    I’ve put Thursday as a break day. I’m forced to do this because of college.

    Friday : Biceps. 4 sets 10 reps of bicep presses one hand each using 7.5 kg dumbells, then the barbell bicep press, then sitting on what the instructor calls a “beechair”, which is basically for providing an incline to bicep press (I used to do dumbells on this, I now do barbell) and lastly, the hammer on 7.5 kg dumbells.

    Saturday : Legs and triceps. I don’t really need to elaborate on this.

    Taking these into account, I wonder if my calorie intake is enough.

    I used to have a lot of diarrhea. That is not the case now, it’s more slow peristalsis now. I was an IBS-D sufferer for 3 years, my man.



    Look for the last posts of Max, he seems to have good success with an organic whey protein.

    I have sometimes diarreah, for example since doing coffee enemas diarreah and soft stools, but usually I had very hard stools, sometimes like balls and overall constipation. Lately, the weeks prior to starting coffee enemas, the constipation was huge and then for weeks, the stools would only come out with the enemas (I forced my colon to work). It varies, but its never normal or comfortable. This inactivity of the colon corresponds with what I have been reading in a medical book about the effects of ALUMINUM in the organ.




    IBS is never comfortable. If you have elimination issues like mine, I would suggest getting up early in the morning and exercising. You will have to make it a habit for the rest of your life though. I wake up by 6:30 AM even on holidays now. It feels good. The trick is setting one time frame (eg 7 to 8 AM) for elimination and not missing it regularly.

    If you’re like me, you’ll still have to strain atleast a bit. Shit never comes out on its own

    I thought only mercury and lead poisoning were legit…aluminium? Where from?? There must be a source of poisoning…



    If you think about it, one thing will become crystal clear, Reich.

    There is a root cause for this ailment.

    I didnt have IBS/Leaky Gut/Intestinal Fuckness my whole life, mine started around age 18 ( AT THE SAME TIME I WAS USING ALUMINUM IN MY ARMPITS).

    I have found another cases of high aluminum, high mercury and IBS. Thus, I am doing the full nutritional balancing program including sauna to detox.

    There is always a reason and a cure for every health problem, Mainstream Medicine its lying horribly with the terms “chronic” or “of unknown causes, only paliative treatments are useful”. Alzheimer dont exist in African tribes! That one its also caused by aluminum, there are ncbi studies showing high aluminum and low magnesium in alzheimer corpses. Autism its caused by Mercury and Aluminum in vaccines usually too, combined with weak genetics that cant withstand the toxic burden at the development years… Although “chronic” infections and other factors play a role too in these cases.

    How do I know I was already poisoned with Mercury? I was an odd kid, with Asperger (slight branch of Autism Spectrum) and later a self-destructive, obsessive, morbid teen. Now I am a future health guru! haha

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