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    I just came up on this from whole foods… their motto is to relieve, nourish, cleanse, and restore. This product contains all these different herbs, amino acids, etc. that work together to fight sexual exhaustion. here’s the link:


    This and kohineer gold seem to be the best products out there. ill check back in a bit and let you know how its working.

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    Thanks for sharing Alex



    Why do you think Kohinoor Gold is good?



    it just seems like it from all the shit that comes up on the internet… but then again much of that is absolute bullshit. ive never tried it and have been trying this 4 way system thing. thanks for thanking me shell, but i was wondering what u guys thought of them. if you’ve tried them, heard things about them, or just have an opinion id be interested



    wow this 4 way supplement has a ton of herbs in it. Let us know if you notice any improvements from it.



    i’m not sure if its from this, but my sexual function has definitely been much better lately, most noticeably with my erections. I’ve been waking up with morning erections most days and get erections throughout the night, have no trouble getting rock hard erections at almost any time, and even get undesired ones at random times. i looked up all the ingredients and it is quite holistic and much safer than most of the shit a lot of the people on here use so id definitely recommend it. the only thing is its pretty damn expensive (i got a 5 finger discount on mine)



    Thanks for the update alex. I definately think theres a good posibility some of those ingredients are helping with better erections especially the arginine. I am very interested in how this continues to work out for you. Keep us informed on your progress from time to time if you dont mind. Thanks



    This is very encouraging Alex.

    Is this the only supplement that you are using right now? How many pills do you take per day?

    I also have night erections and even when I am waking up.. but the moment I am completely awake its gone.. poof.. So basically I cannot have erections when I am awake



    i haven’t been taking it at all lately, all i really take is a multivitamin. i dont have any trouble getting up or anything so i dont really feel the need to. if i start taking it again ill let u guys know how it works.

    – that really weird, in fact the opposite of what i had. i would never have erections at night or upon waking, but could get great erections right after i woke up just at the thought of having a boner. i’d try these pills out though if u can though they definitely help with erections and are worth a shot



    Hey guys hows it going.. I picked up some of this the other day. Just started taking it today at the recommended dose. Also started taking a supplement called “true focus” by now foods. Im hoping for it to help with dopamine levels which I believe I am low on based on my symtoms. I will continue to take both of these daily. Ill let yall know how it goes.



    the best way to raise your dopamine levels is to talk to/be involved with girls and to have fun relationships. Worrying about your dopamine levels will probably make them drop. This stuff should help though. Let me know how it goes.

    By the way when I took them I would only take 1 a day, usually before dinner. This way my body could restore best while I’m asleep. I feel like taking too many of those pills is bad, as is too much of anything.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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