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    What is it? is it something bad to have? what are the negative effects?

    I know in the past I used to get pre-cum when I fantasize or watch porn.. But in the past 1 week I notice that there is absolutely no pre-cum. Not even 1 drop. I am not sure if this is good or bad.

    Any thoughts?

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    according to dr lin it is triggered by a flight/fight reaction during actual sex

    meaning, you may jerk off and have no stress and get no precum

    but when it’s sexy time you do get precum

    it’s stress hormone blasting the prostate ejaculation duct with too much pge-2 if i remember correctly and will produce precum and thus PE

    so far this has been true in my case



    thanks .

    So does the fact that I am not getting pre-cum for the past 1 week is something good?



    definitely good..



    definitely good..

    definitely.. less stress it seems



    so this means that precum is an indicator to the inflammation and not a symptom to another illness ?



    it’s a symptom of a over stressed body which could be caused by excessive masturbation or hormonal deficiency

    i read a lot about guys who get precum but aren’t sexually exhausted and i think they just get good wood but also cum fast

    it definitely is a tell tale sign of inflammation, major stress in the body and some imbalance caused by something



    I used to think that its more of that the weak valves of the prostate and Seminal vessels, the reason of this idea was concluded when i red from lin that those who ejaculate crystal clear fluid just ejaculate the prostate and the vessels liquid without the semen which is greyyellow.

    but definitely there is a clear relation between it and the sexual exhaustion or any other imbalances



    I’m don’t think what you guys have posted is entirely accurate. I wouldn’t look to Lin for the answer on this either.

    I posted this earlier on an old thread. I’ve taken my old post and edited it for this one:

    Precum is normal. Producing a lot of it isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

    It’s produced by the cowper’s gland.

    The clear fluid neutralises any acidic fluid in the passage, as the acidity kills sperm.

    before you cum, pre-cum needs to be released so that the sperm can survive.

    Pre-cum can lead to premature ejaculation as, if it travels back down the urethra it irritates the prostate, which can cause ejaculation. Compounded with other symptoms of “SE”, i.e. hormone deficiency etc, this can be a regular problem.

    If you’re someone that masturbates a lot, you may believe the precum is, as some of you have stated, due to stress. It’s more likely that because of the constant masturbation you typically tense the BC muscle more than usual to help maintain your erection. You may not even be aware that you’re doing it.

    Tensing and releasing the BC muscle will encourage production of pre-cum.

    If you leak a lot of pre-cum, that isn’t necessarily a problem either.

    This is from Wikipedia:


    In rare cases, a man may produce an excessive amount of pre-ejaculate fluid that can be a cause of embarrassment or irritation. A few case reports have indicated satisfactory results when such men are treated with a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.[13]

    In such cases, one doctor recommended considering the differential diagnosis of prostatorrhea, the emission of prostatic secretions during straining associated with urination or defecation.[13]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    And so, if you find you’re not producing any, chances are it’s being produced just before you actually cum and you’re probably not tensing the BC muscles like you usually do.

    For the excessive masturbater, who overtime has trouble maintaining a strong erection, they’ll tense the muscles more, producing more precum. If that precum is allowed to travel back down you may ejaculate prematurely. By continuing down this path you’ll basically lock yourself into a cycle of struggling to maintain erection quality, tensing, prematurely ejaculating.

    Obviously you can’t hope to improve by doing this, as 1) your body is becoming slowly deficient in much needed vitamins/minerals/hormones etc, therefore further effecting your erection and 2) as a result of your weakened erections you tense more and more.

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