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    Here’s a question for members.

    1) What situation-specific supps preferably herbs do any of us use e.g when your with a girl and you need a boost.

    2) Most impotantly, is it safe, especially if used very sparingly maybe like having sex once or twice a month (maybe less)…as you are on your healing regimen?

    3) I’ve come across this herb that get’s rave reviews in the bb forums that supposedly is situation specific (they even tell you to use it per situation and is not a cure and can be used together with their slower-acting healing version). It is KMS Kong Red Horn. Anyone tried it or heard of it?

    D-35 Complex also sounds good..

    PS: I’ve been on the forum long enough to know quick-fixes should be avoided..but my concern is for those rare situation-specific cases.

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    the kong redhorn is the follow up to vigor-25 which was sold at an insane price, too high for a herbal

    the fda has forbidden the sale of vigor-25 and the kong product is exactly the same only it’s upgraded with some more herbs

    the kicker is that vigor-25 was forbidden because it contained 45 mg of a cialis/viagra type substance, which was not on the bottle label, so potentially dangerous for some people

    the substance was called piperidenafil i believe or a derivate of vardenafil

    maybe that’s the same shit in this kong thingie



    Well thanks for that infor, they’re trully is no shortcut…I guess I already knew that. Anything that is “Strong” is probably pushing your already exhausted glands and making it worse…



    here is the link:

    check out the ingredients in kong and see for yourself its the same with an addon

    on some kong sites its even compared to how it has more than vigor 25

    if it does work as good it MUST be spiked with xx-denafil

    with the dosages of the herbs alone, you can not achieve anything like 8 mg yohimbine or viagra like

    the other product, libidus also has the same stuff.. look up the ingredients, it’s so underdosed you could never get anything from it

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