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    once you had recovered once you relapsed into exhaustion again yeh? how often were you masturbating again that brought on your second exhaustion? whats a safe amount of sex to have without becoming exhausted again?

    had the best erection ive had in a long while tonight, didnt ejacualte but could tell the difference… ive been on fish oil and alpha gpc for a week now n took my first dose of ginkgo tonight. cud it be that it has such a quick effect on me or will it be because i havent ejaculated for 9-10 days?

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    still not where i want it to be like, only betwen 3 and 2 o clock, still not totally hard and went down pretty quick again but was harder than its bn 4 a long time and stayed up just a bit longer htan usual



    i was ejaculating 4 times a day lol the end stage of recovery is always the hardest for me because of a high libido.

    those signs of you keeping a erection bit longer and a better erection are signs that your body is starting to heal.



    lol quite alot then… cant thank u lot enough like if i am getting back to full health, this website has been best thing thats happened to me for a long time, starting to feel more like myself again. how many times a week would you say would be safe so to not get exhausted again once im recovered?



    once every 3-4 weeks



    once im fully recovered… only once every 3-4 weeks?



    yes while recovering u should attempt to masturbate only once 3-4 weeks otherwise u will greatly hinder you healing and once y’re healed you should keep it like that.



    actually u might able to do it 2-3 times per week as Dr Lin recommends. But listen to your body and go by instinct. if u feel tired don’t masturbate. I would also go with yin’s advice in that masturbating without porn is very much less stimulating and not very exhausting.



    ejaculate once every 2 weeks to release seminal pressure.



    even AFTER ive totally recovered!? sounds a bit shit… was thinkin 2-3 times a week after im ok would have been ok, not so little



    im confident that once im recovered i will hardly ever masturbate but with having a girlfriend sex once every 2-3 is gonna be pretty hard to stick to



    i think u should just go by how u feel. u might as well keep those supplements u took for future use just in case



    if you can not last 2 weeks then limit it to once a week.



    Toon its trail and error. Clock your sexual cycle until you cant sleep at night or start getting headaches from being too horny then ejaculate. From there you can see how often your body will need to ejaculate.

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