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    pardon my stupid questions in advance but

    when i used to go out a lot i grinded up to girls, and sometimes i would get a boner, thinking this wasn’t a good plan, i ejected

    however, later i thought, this is whats supposed to happen

    so i can recall times when I was indeed very horny on physical contact

    also i was horny thinking about girls and I would get an erection

    now last girlfriend I would be more like cuddly, but not thinking about sex.. i mean mentally i know “i wanna bone this chick” but unconsciously there was no desire

    also when girls are leaning on you are you supposed to get a boner?

    or when a girl sits normally on your lap do you get a boner?

    or is this still mental, depending on what you think at that particular moment?

    also when trying to have sex i think wow i really wanna bone this chick, but i somehow don’t feel the unconscious real desire, the urge you know

    is this my acetylcholine system being down, or just dopamine?


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    when i was younger around 16-18 i could very easily get erected and be ready and any given time, now if i see a hot girl, or even having fore-play i barely get an erection and if i do i get pre-cum,,,,, hopefully this will all go away shorlty : D



    haha lets hope so

    i am thinking on buying a bottle with l-dopa pills extracted from mucuna at 120 mg l-dopa per capsule, and taking one in the afternoon and one before bed

    when i take a teaspoon of mucuna before sleeping along with 50 mg of 5-htp, zma and two valeriaan root pills, i have the best sleep ever (if it’s 8 hours) and i wake up totally refreshed

    i can go through the day without any stress at work

    normally at 5 when i stop working, i want to stop because of stress i have at work.. when i take this shit i wanna work longer because i don’t have stress or feel tired at all



    as far as sleep is concerned it really depends i suppose. sometiomes i only need 5 hours of sleep, other times i need 8 hours. well im off to buy me a good old protein shake.

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