Questions for Bedwards and Manny…..the new leaders

Sexual Reboot Forum Questions for Bedwards and Manny…..the new leaders

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    Like others, I have been trying to get over this step in my life, and are expierencing the same symtoms as manny….

    And as the new “leaders”, I would like to address some questions to both of you guys, if you dont mind:

    First off

    #1 Manni and bedwards, are yall 100% yet, if not, how long do you believe that you will be?

    #2 What is both of you guys current supplement schedules….

    This question is particularly for manny…..

    # 3 What will be more effective borage oil, or promose oil for increasing pg1

    # 4 also what does Alcohol/diet effects on recovering, and please explain your diet and/or drinking routine when recovering

    Last but not least,

    #5 what would be the ideal supplement routine for those who are suffering.

    I believe this would clear up alot conserning those who are need for help. It would help the board alot…..

    I will leave also with this link to an acetylcholine boosting supplement that is supposed to be GREAT, tell us what you think

    New product

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    In regards to alcohol, it can increase prolactin that’s why you probably don’t want to have too much of it if at all while trying to recover






    Hey man.

    1. I’m about 95% healed. The only thing I’m working on is trying to get 1 o’ clock erection, and lasting a little bit longer.

    2. I am taking Alpha GPC, Huperzine-A, Acetly L-Carnitine, Picamilon, L-Theanine, and Craniyums. I am also taking a good multivitamin.

    3. answered that. =)

    4. Alcohol slows your liver, and decreases your ability to produce the hormones you need to recover.

    5. As for supplement regimen, I would suggest what either me, or have been taking. It works. =)

    As for that acetylcholine-booster, Alpha GPC is way better. The ingredients in that are simply a few vitamins, and a couple supplements which don’t work, I’ve tried them. Trust me, take Alpha GPC with Huperzine-A, and it won’t even compare to “BodyQUICK.”



    I have a 2 month supply of Borage oil, fish oit, Alpha gpc, huperzine A, and craniyums…….can i do with out Acetly L-Carnitine???






    The same symptoms that u started out with, but ive been taking borage oil, fish oil, l carthine, Alpha Gpc , Craniyums, and waiting on huperzine in the mail…once my Huperzine comes, im going to drop l cartine..Hopefully by the end of the summer, I should be back to my regular self Maybe earlier…..Did you lose any size, or feel any different once u recovered??? and also are any of these supplements banned from the Drug testing service?



    when i recovered it felt weird because i didnt know the feeling of normal for quite a long time. but i didnt lose any size.

    none of those supplements are banned in sports.

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