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    I am trying to investigate the possibility that stress and the adrenals might be an important role in sexual exhaustion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, almost all causes of impotence are due to kidney deficiencies. Maybe we need to identify the stressors in our lives and adjust our lifestyle accordingly, and maybe we need to tonify the adrenals.

    Have you experience a major life trauma in the last five to six years?

    Are daily stresses overwhelming you?

    What was your eating and sleeping pattern like in the last five years? (eating late at night, lots of fast food on the run etc.)

    Have you loss interest in the things that use to be enjoyful? Have you experience a sense of less sensitivity?

    Do you feel tired almost everyday? Is your room a mess due to not having the energy to clean it up?

    Do you experience anxiety, sleeping problems, skin rash?

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    According to TCM blood stasis and heart qi defieciencies and weak lung qi can all be result of emotional traumas, lonelyness, lack of warmth and love etc.

    Symtomps of heart qi deficiency:

    – Palpitations on exertion, spontaneous sweating, fatigue

    Tongue: Pale, possibly a midline crack down to the tip

    Pulse: Empty

    Symptoms of blood stasis:

    – purple dots in the tongue head, feeling of “stuckness”

    “Chi Stagnation and Blood Stasis. Emotional stress or trauma is the most common origin of this pattern. Menstruation ceases after intense or prolonged emotional stress or trauma. Symptoms include: absence of menstruation; depression; anxiety; a sensation of fullness in the chest and under the rib cage; swelling or fullness of the abdomen with an aversion to pressure; lack of appetite; thirst; desire to drink cold water; constipation; sides of the tongue are purple, with a yellow-white-sticky tongue coating; and a thin-wiry or deep-choppy pulse. Buplerum (Chai Hu), angelica (Dang Gui), and white peony (Bai Shao) are some popular herbs, and Liver Spleen Harmonizer (Xiao Yao San) is a well-known herbal formula to address this pattern.”



    This is very important guys…

    has told us about a guy who suffered after taking a hair regrowth medication? and recovered with letting his adrenals recover.

    Impotence is considered a adrenal deficiency disease by TCM for the most part.




    dr lin said the liver and brain are the most important organ for dealing with sexual problems. the liver is very important because of its role with creating hormones and neurotransmitters such as acetycholine,dopamine and serotonin. if your liver is strong then it will create acetycholine to drive the adrenal function. it will make dopamine for testicle and brain function. it will create serotonin for less stress,anxiety and more sleep.

    dr lin also learnt that animal liver and salmon brain boost his erections.

    i am a firm believer that a strong liver can heal a person naturally. this is because i was sexually exhausted a week ago but now im 20% recovered. this is probably because of the liver creating the essentials to get recovered such as acetycholine,dopamine and serotonin.



    On the other hand, when acetylcholine level is too low your liver will not function properly according to Alan Ritz.

    Is it liver that power the acetylcholine first or the acetylchoine that power the liver first? Egg or hen?



    lol its vice versa. if your liver is strong enough then it can power acetycholine. but if your liver is weak then you have to power up acetycholine. but which ever way the liver is powered it will do most of the healing.



    Hmmm, I’m trying the method of powering up my liver with acetylcholine. I’ll tell everyone how it’s going in a couple weeks. =)




    1.Constant depression, mild originally to quite hard during last couple years

    2.Not overwhelming, just making me feel uncomfortable

    3.Always late to bed. Evening snack quite usual, not very hard eating before bedtime.

    4.Yes, yes

    5.Yes, yes. But the tiredness has reduced during last year, when recognizing exhaustion symptoms and trying to treat them

    6.I was developing anxiety, not it is low. No sleeping disorders except always sleeping very late and long. If someone has insomnia, it is usually a sign of serotonin deficiency according to the edge effect.

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