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    im 22.i have the same problems as most people on here, i go limp before sex, cant hold strong erections, PE, pre-cum, etc:

    i tried dr. lins products nothing worked, maybe a bit harder longer lasting erections, but i ejaculated 1-2x per week, maybe this is not enough to heal

    To heal self:

    1. alpha gpc and 5-htp is good?

    2. ejaculate once every 3 weeks ( or longer)?

    3. i would have wet dreams in the time does this disturb the healing process?

    4. how bad is it to eat a meal before sleep?

    5. HOw much does a blood testorsterone test cost typically? is there anything else that should be tested

    6. it seems most people cant not be healed is this because they cant stop ejaculating?

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