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    Can sexual exhaustion stunt growth anyway? I’m talking height or even facial development, and not being able to gain weight.

    Also, I didn’t notice anyone list severe ankle cramping (during any sort of intensive exercising motion) as a symptom, is this a problem for anyone else? I tend to get that as well and acne after I masturbate.

    And lastly, anyone know if just having to stroke but not actually ejaculating like once a week, if you’re trying to quit COMPLETELY, could hinder your body’s recovery progress in any large way. I understand you’re trying to rewire your brain, basically, which is ok. But the problem I was having when I realized what was going on was-I’d quit for like a week then one day, it’s like this switch would flip in my brain and I’d start to feel like COMPLETE shit I’d have this huge, huge headache after waking up due to some fucked up dream basically exploting my sexual desires (funny how your brain is like your biggest enemy here.. doing everything it can to ironically be the devil in your mind fucking you over haha, and it sucks because you can’t control your dreams). The only way to alleviate the headache would be to look at porn/masturbate, not even medicine could treat it. I’m trying to exercise DURING (and prior, for that matter) those time periods or just build up to it better as we speak, but I’ve just been giving my brain part of what it desires whilst not exhausting its adrenaline functions (or at least trying to).

    Shit, hope I didn’t ramble on too much, really odd talking about this. But on that previous note, can wet dreams ALSO hinder your body’s progress? I mean, there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent them sometimes (after like a week and a half or so I get like one unless I can barely stop it lmao). The only thing I’ve seen that works (besides just NOT thinking about porn all day ESPECIALLY before you go to sleep) is to try to fall asleep on your stomach, but I got that weird belly pain/bladder symptom too where it always feels like you have to piss, so it’s just fucked really, every sleeping position is almost uncomfortable to me during these periods. None of those sleeping meds work to eliminate my dreams either, I’d have to get some SERIOUS heavy shit for it to take real effect, haha.

    Anyways, that’s pretty much it, it’s all just surreal really. My body was seemingly breaking down to me for years and I’m only 21, the symptoms really started when I was 18 (but I started masturbating when I was like 13 or 14 so semi-normal). I spent god knows how much going to every type of doctor from chiropractors to neurologists. Basically telling me its psychosomatic or fibromyalgia (because my mom had it), chiropractor told me years ago that my adrenals were shot. I had no clue what the hell that meant and I thought it was bullshit as he put me on supplements to treat it but now years later I found out he was TECHNICALLY right (although it wasn’t the underlying problem). It sucks how much of my life I’ve wasted just not knowing and people thinking I’m crazy for KNOWING something is wrong with me. They’d just put me on fibro meds which did jackshit but give headaches, seriously been on em like 3-5 times over in my life. But I knew something was wrong the second this shit began to happen, I mean I know my body even though they told me its natural changing and hormones and w/e shit. And it’s surreal because my dad was actually crazy (or maybe he wasn’t, idk) and thought something was wrong with him when there wasn’t and ended up being estranged.. thus my family looks at me like I’m like him. But then F*ck, what do you know, I was right ALL along, there was something wrong the whole time and somewhere in my mind I knew it was the masturbating but I just couldn’t prove it and I couldn’t quit because after I’d go awhile I’d just go read one of these bullshit articles or studies that masturbating can not harm you IN ANY WAY. And yeah, there was that small insertion in some of these reports that said excessive or over-masturbation can be harmful but it clearly stated those people do it several times a day, like RIDICULOUS amounts of ejaculations. Well here’s the worst part, I NEVER did that, I did what was considered ‘healthy’. One time a day, TOPS, 95% of the time. Hell, if that. Which is leading me to believe, it’s not so much about the quantity, so to speak, but the emotional investment or attachment your mind exhibits (which is what begins to drain and imbalance the chemicals in your brain). Meaning, I think that the more passionate the person, the more at risk he is to develop such a thing.

    No one knew what was wrong and the saddest part was even after I decisively found out back in August and had this information right in front of me to change my life I still couldn’t fight that battle of addiction to make ALL my pain, discomfort, the annoying ass floaters, the physical AND mental impairment ALL go away. It pisses me off just knowing how much of my life I wasted or had to live in difficulty, and makes me mad just thinking about it and how others are probably feeling this same thing ([MOD EDIT: URL Removed] worse than me but not catching it at a young age like I did. But F*ck it, I’ll literally die before I do it again, I’m going one month no doubt about it and everyone here can do it too, do it for the sake of your body, future, and life. This thread title turned out to be very misleading.. rofl, my bad.

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    This its my theory as well.

    Welcome here, zzz.

    Can you list a extensive list of symptoms?

    Dont skip having lot of gas, very stinky feet, having trouble remembering dreams or maintaning eye contact, les or skin problems, dandruff, social phobia, mood swings and details like that always made you feel like a mad, cursed or shitty person because most of them are actually symptoms and can help with the lets say diagnosis.



    Oh god.. symptoms, so many, haha. I posted a link to that thread of that one dude’s because that’s a lot of em. Eye floaters (so.. so annoying I wish they’d go away), mood swings, fuckin LOWER BACK pain (this one screws up my workouts so much because I can’t squat even though my legs are really strong), the increase feeling of pain and easily bleed, general cramping/fatigue/stiffness/soreness and pain, lots of anxiety and just weird sensations in my head and body altogether. Ringing in my ears is rare but it can happen, the crazy and insane dreams I literally have of dying and other strange shit, the prostate/bladder problems I keep having to pee, I have a little bit of ED nowadays and premature ejaculation. I never witnessed hair loss, at least permanent, although that could just be that it’s not in my genetics at all. I did witness losing hair but not clumps or something. The mental symptoms are the worst, like the memory loss. I’m someone who had extraordinary memory, so this kinda shit just angers me, when I know somethings wrong with my brain. And hell, I still got pretty good memory, but it’s noticeable you’re forgetting stupid shit and this is probably due to the lack of sleep as well (due to general discomfort, uneasiness, and irritability at night). Think that’s pretty much it, mighta missed a couple. Regardless of which, I’m fairly certain ALL of these are reversible if I just completely negate from the abusive thought patterns, and that goes for most people as well as long as you haven’t abused your body for too long..

    It’s sort of relieving to see a forum of people with the same problems exist, surreal really. And sad to see how dehabilitating it can be for something that seems to minuscule and harmless. Think that’s why not many dwell into and research this sort of thing (everyone’s body chemistry is different) on the western hemisphere. I remember one time the only temporary relief I ever felt was from acupuncture, but I never got it back. The conditions are almost that of a drug addict.

    Oh btw, I tried Dr. Lin’s supplements, some of em. They’re all pretty much useless, think the forum already came to that basic consensus but still. All they are are basic multivitamins which you can get anywhere, while helpful, pointless, because they’re vitamins with additional herbs like Gingko and Goat Weed which is just going to get you hornier in the ends to cure your ED which is just going to make you masturbate again/more which will put you down the same cycle… illogical psychology. I remember MoodMax temporarily helped my bladder but it went back to normal, meh. Abstaining is honestly the only way. Just go a month, see how it is. If you mess up the first time, try again, just get closer and closer week by week, imo.



    Some people say there are two types of people on this forum. Mild cases and Severe cases. You need to discover which category you fall into.

    If you’re a mild case, it might be just a matter of abstaining for masturbation that can cure you.

    It seems like you have already made up your mind. You’re going to abstain for a month to see if it makes a difference on your hormones and mood, etc.

    I’ve got a few suggestions for you to help on your journey:

    -get plenty of rest

    -eat a balanced diet


    -get rid of all porn or sexual triggers

    -get a hobby

    If you have any questions about being a severe case, please contact Sargonnas or . They’re a lot more knowledgable than I am.

    btw, I was a mild case.



    Well said .

    Some pints that are making my life a lot more healthy are worth mention.

    Dont hold on emotions, if you have to say shit say to whoever you need to say do it. Tell them how you feel. Its important to go towards the emotional and spiritual health, this, trying to be the best person and learn from everything. Illness its always a result in part of mental poison and abuse. I am trying to say that yes this sounds like some yoga shit but at the end we need to heal and detox mind and spirit too.

    Eat your food raw. Eat only raw veggies,raw milk, better from goat, raw butter, raw bone marrow, raw fruits, raw seeds and nuts, and im finding especially helpful raw eggs, in terms of energy. They doesnt taste almost. Processed and cooked food its worse than raw for several reasons but things like sweets, chocolateys, chips or crap like that its neurotoxic directly (aspartame, monosodic glutamate). Artificial sugar its an addictive poison. Im gonna try raw meat soon.

    For insomnia, L-Tryptophan and Melatonin works good for me, but dont buy some shitty brand like NOW. Sleeping its key for all processes in the body, obviously for healing/recovering too. Taking GABA or Inositol can help with social phobio, anxity or insomnia too. Magnesium its a must, better in Glycinate or Taurate form.

    Make exercise, making sure you are sweating a lot. This has to do with the lympathic system but has a lot more of health benefits. Thanks to raw eggs today im feeling like going to run, frist time in months

    porn its in my opinion the worst thing and I would focus in destroying your need for it. It took me almost a year but I did it and now I dont have the addiction anymore. Although I will always be a pervert lol maybe its genetic or maybe its the scar of pornography. Being honest, masturbating to youtube videos or even magazines its similar and unhealthy. Eveyone agrees about sex being healthy and masturbation detrimental, and not only in the over masturbation community, but also in for example prostate boards.



    What’s the different between mild and severe?

    Yeah, I tried melatonin for sleeping, wasn’t working, meh just gonna tire myself out before bed.

    I was looking for goat milk awhile ago but couldn’t find. Been sweating a lot lately.. AND that reminds me of another annoying symptom of this where you break into sweat with ridiculous ease.

    Also, think the headaches are from my dopamine dropping lower (to normal levels) in a sudden manner, ugh.



    Mild cases cure only with abstaining, change of the diet, supplements, the lifestyle and the attitude.

    Severe cases have a lot of Toxemia and Defficiencies.

    Severe cases will have problems even absorbing supplements so thats why they are severe…



    No one answered my questions in the first few paragraphs.



    If you are missing nutritients then yes that will stunt growth.

    The headache and feeling crap is called withdrawal.

    Lots of us have been through that.This is the typical case of “it has to get worse before it gets better”.

    You will never quit porn if you don’t trust science and use logic.

    BTW: viewing hot girls on facebook or in tv activates the same dopamine surge as porn does so if I were you I would quit porn and get a girlfriend.She fixed my erections by 90%.porn is bad.Watching hot women on a screen is bad.



    Hey Zzz


    It depends, if you have an Hypothamlus-Pituitary-Adrenal or strated to function poorly then yes

    these main three Axis are importent dor the hormone production and once they are out of balcence your body will start to function poorly.

    Low hormones is a good indication of such a problem.


    low hormones lowers the body ability to form collgen from glycine and other sorts of aminoacids(an indication of poor digestion and poor enzymetic chain from liver..etc)

    Digestion and hormones are positively related

    if hormones are low > digestion will be hit down

    digestion is low > hormones will be hit down

    Hormones are identified as the thyroid, adrenal,pituitary,testis out put


    You need to leave any thing that is related to your Overmasturbation.

    stroking can lead you to one or two ejaculation and then youll hit the old track.

    what i can advice you, is to lower your freqencey and then cut the overmasturbation habit.

    you can decide later whether to masturbate or not after you have a full control over your behvaiours and addiction.

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