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    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone knows if raw milk is healthy…theres a farmers market a few minutes away and they sell it. Thinking of doing a glass every morning…

    Also is butter a good source for omega 3 and 6? I am referring to grass fed butter. what is a good quantity to eat of butter? I do up to a teaspoon per meal, 3 meals a day.

    Ive heard about hempseed butter being good…gona look into it.

    THanks take care.

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    I think raw milk is healthy because pasteurization burns out a lot of the enzyme quotient in dairy I believe. Provided that you are buying the milk from a reputable farm that tests their products regularly for bacteria, I think raw milk is advantageous to the body.

    If you decide to go for the raw milk I’d go for the raw butter too..I did some kinesiology testing once and raw dairy (if you believe the premise behind kinesiology testing) was approved as being beneficial for my body while normal dairy wasn’t..for what it’s worth.



    are you referring to muscle testing? If so I believe in it.



    Yeah muscle testing…everyone’s body is different but dairy and wheat/gluten tested badly for me, while raw dairy was beneficial, so if you believe in the premise that should somewhat answer your question.

    If you search for raw dairy you’ll get a more sophisticated explanation of why it’s good for you and healthier than pasteurized dairy. As I said, just make sure the farm you are buying from tests their products for bacteria, since this is the main danger with raw products. Provided they do that and you want to include dairy in your diet, I think going raw is a good idea to add to your regimen.

    I’ve had raw milk and raw cheese and taste wise you don’t even notice the difference.



    Gurjas, I am surprised to see you ask such questions at this stage. By now you should be knowing that our problems are far deeper than just nutritional deficiencies.

    How is your Thyroid now? are you able to have normal and regular sex with the girlfriend?



    Both are good according to many nutritionist ,

    i have seen more than a post for HAN referring to Hempseed butter



    Gurjas in good hands the issues have been identified and we are working on a resolution to the issue. The interaction of how the GI, liver, hormones, thyroid and adrenals, neuortransmitters at time can over whelming. I have learn when dealing with health issues. Find a person you feel comfortable and confident with then let them do your job. As you start to research one may be getting over whelmed by sensory over load. After a while of trying to understand the interactions, it will make you more stressed. Let the people do their job handling the case. For normal GI repair it can take any where from 3 months to 1 year or more to get your system back to balance. To many people on the boards are trying to micromanage stuff. This technique will only act as a bandaid method rarely getting resolution to their issue. Take a deep breath, relax and let the professionals do their job. Many cases have several layers to them that have to be addressed in a specific matter. If a person is going to go jumping from adrenals to testosterone, back to thyroid they are only going to get them selves in trouble and prolong recovery. In your case as I have is to deal with the gut inflammation, liver while supporting adrenals, and testosterone may be with clomid if necessary. I have one dr working on my case which I feel comfortable and confident in, but I have another 1 or 2 which I will ask their opinon from time to time. She one of the most intelligent people in functional medicine I have came across which has a good grasp on all concepts and interaction. Unfortunately she does not have clients, but is one of the head dr’s at Neuroscience which medical professionals are allowed to consult with. I have access to her pretty much any time to discuss cases such as these to just get confirmation we are all on the same page. Our conversations are indept, education on both sides and learn a lot of valuable information. If I was to bring her this case I know she would handling identical to as we would have. I have done enough of them to know what direction to go.

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