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    Start learning about your hormones here:

    Hormones 101, part 1:…10&postcount=2

    Hormones 101, part 2:…4&postcount=12

    Hormones 101, part 3:…03&postcount=4

    Hormones 101, part 4:…04&postcount=5

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    the links don’t open. Maybe I gotta be a member.

    I just browsed through the forum though. It’s as good as this one.. people are discussing same issues.



    page not found for all of them.

    is it just me?



    damn i dono whats rong but that forum is great. probably better then this one in many ways to be honest.

    sry about the links



    F*ck they dont open for me to and im a member….sry ill try and figure this out…..well actually if join its one of the first stickies in the section “all things male”



    also thats doctors john chrislers forum for those that dont know.

    hes probably one of the best choices for HRT and our related problems after mariano. worth checkin out his forum at least.



    Chillin makes some good points but alot of them are theories and alot of people are getting screwed up with following them. The idea of pregnenolone going straight into cortisol pathway sounds good, but rare ever occurs in real life because one can not predict where pregenolone is going to go. I think people on TRT are the ones that it is not working so good on. Now if you are not on TRT then I would suggest this as possible first try before cortisol, but again one can not predict on where it goes. Its very similar to russian roulette.



    overall would you recommend not going to dr crisler??



    chillin is one smart ass dude….i dont give a F*ck

    if you can to to chrisler dont hesitate

    balance your hormones

    then balance your neuros and your dick will start working

    its the only way to go just do it

    mariano or chrisler go for the GOLD!!!



    overall would you recommend not going to dr crisler??

    As a health professional. Crisler is very good with hormones.

    Many time even once the hormones are in check patients still do not feel then you need to look out side the box to either the gut, liver, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional trama, hidden infections, or environmental toxins.

    Pregenolone is just one of many ways to manipulate hormonal pathways. It is the starting block, but one can not predict on where it can go down the pipe line. Unless your dr is knows how hormones interact and monitor them all together it could go down unwanted pathways resulting in making symptoms worse. Pregnenolone does stimulate neurotransmitters but one needs to have the proper building blocks in order for them to properly be manufactured as well as functioning inner terrain.



    thats true….if i was a millionare i woulda been healed of this shit




    I agree with HAN, its very difficult to tell and unfortunately most people do not have the money,insurance or correct doctor in doing the correct testing and monitoring to see if this protocol is sufficient.

    I would use preg if a person has low adrenal, low testosterone, as a first possible approach, but not when people have all kinds of other issues going on that need to be ruled out first. In complex cases preg is the last thing to be tried because its too unpredictable on where it will go resulting in making some symptoms betters other worse. Once the person is stable and want to put finishing touches then yes. In clincal setting it has time and place, but to throw it into the stack it can make the current issues even more difficult to deal with.



    i apolgize for the drunkness of that comment…..its been a while



    overall would you recommend not going to dr crisler??

    Dr. Crisler is amazing, but Mariano is the best doctor out there for simple reasons. Not only can Mariano fix hormonal issues, but he’s a psychiatrist. This means he can fix neurotransmitter imbalances more easily than Crisler, and he also would be able to find underlying stress that could be a root cause. He covers basically all areas. Psychological, neurologicla and hormonal.



    exactly……Mariano is better for people with SE since this largely a neurological problem.

    if you have just hormonal issues im sure chrisler is more then good enough. he seems like a cool guy



    I have respect for the both of them as they have defintely paved the way for many Dr’s to follow. I have spoken to dr M Ihe is a brillant man for sure. I was also asked to be a mod on his forum. I have learn alot from both of them and follow alot of their principles. I intergrate some of ideas my own through manipulation of nutrition and other areas. Each medical professional has their area of expertise and what methods work from them. For SE I would goto Dr mariano if you are on the west coast or Dr ovebeck if you are on the east coast.



    stop recommending Dr overbeck, who the hell is he anyway? nobody ever talks about him except you, show his qualifications in this matter….. This is just for your own greedy intentions…

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