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    I been having headaches. Last week they weren’t bothering me but now they are getting to me again

    is this because of neuron imbalances or electrolyte problems?

    which ever reason for this what can i do to balance this out?

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    Don’t take artificial sweeteners

    Also I can see a lot more people getting sick from the japanese nuclear fallout.

    Radiation particles have been found in the US.

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    beside the 2 core reasons neurotransmitters imbalances and Adrenal fatigue

    you may suspect poor blood flow to your back Neck…which will definitely lead to slow flow to your Skull leading to headache

    it could be a sign of food allergy that have been developed to some types of food such as salty foods , gluten , Lactose , some nuts and maybe chicken and fish meat.

    Low Sugar could cause a headache

    High Blood Pressure or Very Low blood Pressure

    it could be a response to very noisy places , maybe lights and computers are causing this too Aka Adrenal fatigue



    i do have adrenal fatigue so maybe thats the reason for it?

    i got my blood sugar tested the last time i was at the doc and it came out normal.



    those headaches are usually caused because of messed up cortisol (adrenal fatigue) and inflammation.

    – Take a spoon or two of water with sea salt.

    – Take vitamin B100 to aid in cortisol pattern

    – Take vitamin C daily and eat fruits to aid cortisol

    – Get apple cider if you can it helps too

    – Take a tylenol when you got a headache. It reduces inflammation. it works for me

    – try to get 8 hours of sleep, it’ll help.




    Thanks will do.

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