Recipe for better bloodflow down there

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    Good approach .

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    No my stomach didn’t hurt. Remember it wasn’t raw anymore.

    I put the oil in the pan, tossed in the garlic/ginger paste and two teaspoons of red cayenne pepper.

    Followed up by tossing in small pieces of chicken and then made it brown. Followed up by tossing in the raw vegetables. Made the rice separately.

    It had a pleasant taste, apart from an overruling ginger paste, so i might cut down on it or increase garlic.

    Nice sidenote. The sex yesterday evening was amazing! I still use Aspire but i could go on longer than usual. Maybe a placebo effect who knows. Anyways will test out tonight again.




    i think cayenne pepper is the one that is mainly causing the improved blood circulation




    How did it go?

    And how is Aspire working for you?



    aspire is still workin great

    i have used it this weekend again how i love this product coupled with my spicy dishes this makes for painfully (literally) hard morning wood

    youre probably right about cayene pepper being the one causing the most, BUT: i seen the study on tv about garlic and impotent man and it reversing the condition after continuous use for a few months and they didn’t use cayenne.. so its all about the combination

    cayenne / ginger / garlic



    was the man eating them raw or cooked. I think an aged garlic extract would work very well too.



    the two men were eating them raw with food

    it took some getting used to but in a few days they didn’t mind anymore

    i know nothing of aged garlic extract

    what is it exactly?



    aged garlic should be less harsh on the stomach than raw…also garlic is very alkaline so why is it bad for the intestinal lining or stomach for that matter?



    Garlic is GOOD!… for the stomachintestines. The enzymes in garlic help rid the system of the bad bacteria such as H Pylori and other harmful ones too. I wouldn’t over do it with garlic but definitely add it, especially fresh garlic to your meals.

    The ONLY real problem with eating garlic, of course, is having bad breath. The vapors will come up on you from the stomach. I think the product GARLIQUE is good as it does not give you bad breath and has all the benefits….. but I still like fresh garlic.

    SUGGESTION: Steam green beans till a bit tender. Once cooled off, add some organic olive oil, vinegar, italian seasoning, and then chopped up a clove or two of fresh garlic and toss. Healthy and delicious!



    Do any of you guys know how MUCH garlic these guys were eating? How much would you recommend a day?

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