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    in my quest for creating perfect diet i need some indeas inspiration for recipes

    i have a supermarket which is cheap here, but all sorts of tests show that they actually have the best biological and safest foods from other supermarkets

    one of the products they sell is smoked salmon.. i am looking for ideas to take it to work and make it like a snack, easy and simple way

    i was thinking of:

    one piece of smoked salmon in a big leaf of paksoi filled with brown rice and some sauce or fat sprinkled on top of it.. the idea is that is takes little time to prepare, tastes okay to good, and fills me up with at least a decent portion of protein, some part vegetables and of course carbs (no gluten for me) in the form of potatoes / yams etc.. the only pain is i want them simple so i can easily eat them at work, i do not have time to eat whole box filled with potatoes and large portions of tuna whatever.. so just easy to eat stuff at work

    can we come up with healthy meals / snack ideas?

    there is also smoked eal and i can do the same but would like another idea for wrapping it in vegetables or something (bread is out of the question for me)

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