reckon it might be gettin better lads… n im not sure why

Sexual Reboot Forum reckon it might be gettin better lads… n im not sure why

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    ok… ive been on supplements since june, but all supplements 3 weeks ago and just told myself i wouldnt ejaculate. i was afterall away from my gf for the xmas season and thougth itd be a good chance. anyway, b4 xmas i took cialis for a few days n had a quality time. i stopped all supplements then i didnt ejaculate for 2 weeks, n back came the boner! anyway, i gave n thougth id messed up, i ,asturbated yday to ejaculation. expecting it to be a few more days till i could get hard again i was shocked to realise i could get a full erection again 30 mins after i ejaculated. i woke up hard again this mornin n felt horny all day, beign stupid i again ejaculated, but yet again im sat here not long afer with the ability to get fully hard again. im not gonna come again this time, not gonna get bak into that but u feel better now than for a long time n its coincided with me coming off the supplements after proper S*x on cialis, then eating a whole lot more at home, its been pretty much junk food n i aint been hardly sleepin bcoz of uni work ive been doin but my cock feels like its nearly bak! n i really dunno wot ive done

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    most likely the lifestyle change. eating right, getting sleep, eliminating stress and avoidong junk food.



    oh man, what supps where you taking ?

    I’m happy for you man. So after two weeks of nothing(no supps, no ejaculating, etc) you started getting erections and libido back?



    my libidos through the roof… n yeh i had erections all thetime on the supplements but in the past when ive stopped for 2 days i cant even get properly hard thru masturbation, this time its different. i was on alpha gpc, tribulus, l-arginine, n dhea every now n again. also still taking omega 3 cod liver oil max strength



    interesting thing with the l-arginine



    same thing about the tribulus…hey , how old are you?

    You’ve been taking the supps since June? Non stop? You say you stopped taking the supps the last 3 weeks right? And you went 2 weeks without ejaculating from then?



    yeh all those non stop since june, stopped 3 weeks ago then went 2 weeks withot ejaculation till 2 days ago…. im 20



    This is good news to read.

    I think you preserved great healing power when not ejaculating in two weeks, and after having S*x your testicles and sexual organs had lots of power to increase the energy for new erections and libido. So, if you keep this healing frequency and your state of mood positive and keep careful attention to diet, your problems might be solved for good.



    its strange… im not taking supplements and havent for over 2 weeks now yet the veins on my penis are so prominent it looks like an ad for that fake shit you see on the web n on herballove. hope ths aint a false down, im bak atuni 2moro n bak with my girl. wud be best present i cud giv her!



    Ok, so letme get this straight…you were getting all these erections, just like you’re getting now, when you were taking the supps too right? The reason why its news is because you’re still getting them now that you’ve stopped taking the supps? I just wanna make sure I understand, because thats great news



    yeh thats right… stopped in the past n ive lost everythin by the 2nd day. just this times its different



    ok good, I’m happy for you man. I hope that it stays that way and doesnt go away



    Hey , how long did it take for you to notice results from those supps?



    bout 2-3 weeks…

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